The act of sending energy is a practice that can help, or hurt people, and can bless, or curse objects. You are able to do this without anything else all you really need is your own spiritual energy, and to be able to focus your mind, body, and spirit. By choosing a target, and taking your time to focus upon it will allow your spiritual energy to interact with the target affecting it. This can be used in order to make amulets, and charms, or in order to imbue energies into certain ingredients, and magical components for ritual work. You can also use this as a simple way to curse people, or to bless them with your energy. And, because of how fundamental, and non tool heavy this practice is you will be able to do it in public without being noticed, which can add some versatility to your practice.

1) First what you need to do is focus on what you want to send the energy to, and what type of energy you would like to send. This can be positive, or negative energy, or can be an energy associated with a certain type of feeling, or state of being such as something like love energy, or healing energy. Sending these types of energies allow them to effect the mind, body, and spirit of the entity, or can be infused into constructs in order for them to become an enchanted item.

2) Next visualize the energy that you are sending, and see it as a ball of light. Visualize it as strong as you can within your mind well also greatly associating it with what energy you have selected. See things that are associated with that concept inside of the ball of light spend a good amount of time doing this until you feel that it is ready.

3) Once you feel that it is ready you release it by pushing the ball out, and away from you, while also visualizing it flowing to the object that you want it to interact with. This will send your energy out, so that your Will, will be able to manifest your intention. Repeat these steps as many times as you would like in order to continue sending energy.


  1. I passed a horrific car accident last night where a person on a motor scooter had been hit. I did this exact thing to help him.

    I’m struggling to not get all their emotions when I pass things like that. I almost threw up from the fear and pain waves that hit me as I drove past. Is there a way to make this channel more of a one way thing so that I can push the light without taking on the raw emotions of the person?


  2. I really love your site as i have discovered that i am a healer, lightworker, empath and apart of the seraphim angels as well as a crystal indigo….this site has helped me so much and i wish there was like some sort of school we can attend to help with our gifts. thank you for creating this beautiful site for all of us love and light.


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