A user by the name of @therodt suggested for me write a post about John Dee. This is going to be a short bio overlooking the life of John Dee, and the work he has accomplished. Clearly this is not 100% complete for his life was very vast, and full of experiences. We are just going to be looking at the main points of his life.

John Dee was a man who was born in the Ward of Tower in London on the day of July 13, 1527. John Dee spent most of his life studying, and trying to find out the secrets of the universe through whatever means he could find. This led him to become a very knowledgeable mathematician, cartographer, astronomer, astrologer, alchemist, diviner, hermetic philosopher, and a occult philosopher. John Dee eventually became one of Queen Elizabeth I’s most trusted advisers, because of this John Dee was given complete freedom to carry on his works, and studies while not being reprimanded by the church, or the people of that time. Who thought certain studies, and practices were inherently evil. This allowed John Dee to focus primarily on his understanding of the universe instead of the persecution of his time, but no matter how hard John Dee looked for answers he could not find any.

John Dee eventually thought he would never find the secrets of the universe that he was looking for in any man made publication. So he decided to turn more to the occult, and divination in order to find hidden knowledge that no man, up until that point has discovered, and have been able to document. John Dee’s life began to change once he found the esoteric book called the Steganographia. This book was encoded, but after being decoded by John Dee. He discovered that the Steganographia had names of entities that had a plethora of hidden knowledge that he could only get through spiritual, and occult practices. He tried to attempt the practices himself, but he realize that he was not too good of a medium. So he decided to reach out for help to scryers, but Dee did not begin to make strides in contacting the entities until a man by the name of Edward Kelly showed up in his company. Edward Kelly had a reputation as a magician, an alchemist, an occultist, and a spiritual medium. John Dee, and Edward Kelly decided to work together to commune with the entities that had hidden knowledge. This was done primarily by Edward Kelly scrying for the entities in a mirror, or crystal ball. Once the entities appeared in a mirror, or a crystal ball, they then would question them about the secrets of the universe.

John Dee, and Edward Kelly had many conversations with entities that they believe to be angels. Though some people believe they were actually communing with demons disguised as angels. I don’t believe we’ll ever know for a 100% certain whether they’re angels, or demons, but much rather just very powerful entities. Maybe even entities of both kinds. Most of the conversations that they held John Dee, and Edward Kelly wrote down, and documented in a journal. From all this information that they gathered together John Dee thought he was coming close to a break through to the secrets of the universe that he always wanted, but then some people were doing some snooping around, and were plotting against Dee. One of the entities John Dee, and Edward Kelly were talking to by the name of Madini warned them, and told them to flee to Poland. So they did just like that packed up their families, and left for Poland. Where Madini told them they would get some very important information once there. Once there they immediately started scrying again, and the information came in even quicker. The entities told them of the Book of Enoch, and the language of enochian. The language of enochian was said to be the language of angels, demons, and Adam before the fall of Man. This language is said to make up all of creation, and to be the framework of the universe.

After John Dee, and Edward Kelley were done documenting the enochian language the entity known as Madini send dee a test. Madini told dee to go to Rudolf II, and tell him that he is an evil man, and that he should embrace the angels, or his reign will end. So dee went to Prague in the Czech Republic to do as he was told. After he told Rudolf II, and he waited for Rudolf II’s decision the entities became impatient, and decided to wow him to their side by using the Philosopher’s Stone. Rudolf II chose to ignore dee’s proposal, and dee decided to chase after the Philosopher’s Stone. Eventually all around the old world people heard of John Dee, and Edward Kelly trying to create gold, but then they were expelled from the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope, and Rudolf II. But then again in another plot twist Rudolf II invited them back to work on the Philosopher’s Stone under the nose of the Pope for him in secret in a town outside the capital of the Czech Republic. Edward Kelly was determined to work on the Philosopher’s Stone, but John Dee wanted to unlock the secrets of the enochian language, and the new enochian system of magick. John Dee, and Edward Kelly still scryed with the entities to see if they could get the final secrets of the enochian language, and system of magick. So They began to scry more intensely, but it started to take its toll on Edward Kelly. With every scry session getting more dark, and sinister as they went on. Edward Kelly started to back out, but John Dee pushed him to stay in it. Edward Kelly started to notice Madini was starting to act “different”. Madini then told them to sleep with each others wives. John dee believe this was the angels’ final test, but as you can possibly imagine he was pretty against it, and at this point Edward Kelly wasn’t too up for anything, but somehow they manage to fulfill it. After that there were no more communication with the entities, and Edward Kelly left John Dee to pursue Alchemy with Rudolf II, but after a complicated amount of situations he ends up dead after trying to escape prison that Rudolf II put him in. As for John Dee he returned home to England. Where his wife gave birth to Edwards Kelly’s son. John Dee ends up dying in the March of 1609 at the age 82.

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