Wolf kna is connected to and can be harnessed through specific stones and metals via their metaphysical properties. Learning to work with these stones and metals and incorporating them into your practice will allow you to harness more aspects of wolf kna in your magickal practice. These items have been associated with the wolf through mental, spiritual, or physical means, and because of that, they possess wolf kna.

Here are some items that will allow you to harness wolf kna in your practice:

Metals that have wolf kna:

  • Silver
  • Antimony (toxic)
  • Tungsten (toxic) also known as wolfram

Stones that have wolf kna:

  • Moonstone
  • Howlite
  • Wulfenite (Toxic)
  • Tiger’s Eye also known as wolf stone
  • Moon rock also known as lunar rock

Herbs that have wolf kna:

  • Wolfsbane (poisonous) also known as Wolf’s hat
  • Clubmoss also known as Wolf’s-foot, wolf-paw or Wolf Claw
  • Bugle Weed also known as Wolf Foot
  • Euphorbia (poisonous) also known as wolf milk
  • Lupinus (poisonous)
  • Wood of a wolf tree

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