This ritual is made in order to call forth others who share your interest in a specific subject. This will primarily work through the use of an instrument though I will personally be using the native american flute in order to raise energy, to focus consciousness on the intention, and to send out will in order to manifest desire through the playing of it. For this ritual all you are going to need is some form of instrument that can play notes.


First, In this step you are going to need to go through the process of centering, and grounding yourself, so that you will be connected to the earth, and all of your energy will be brought back to the center of you. This will help you to not experience energetic burnout, along with keeping your energy in check. After you are well grounded and centered you can then go through the process of cleansing the area, through any form of banishing ritual, or cleansing method that you have at your disposal. This will allow the energy to be reset back to how it was originally, so that none of these energies interfere with your ritual. Once the area is all nice, and cleansed proceed to the act of casting a circle, the witches compass, or sacred space in the area, so that you can be protected, while doing the ritual. After you are done with that stand in the center of your ritual space.


In this step we are going to affirm what you want to set forth by doing this ritual. this is primarily

going to be you speaking out your statement of intent out loud, or in your head in order to affirm

what type of like-minded people you want the song melody to bring into your life. This can

simply be done by saying something like this multiple times, until you’re ready to begin playing

the song melody:

“I am surrounded by people who are interested in (insert interest here) just like me”

Once you feel that you have affirmed this enough times to the universe, and yourself move on to playing the song melody.

Song melody:
In order to play the song melody all you have to do is play these notes in this order multiple times until you feel you are done:
Once you have played it enough times, and you feel that you have sent out enough energy to manifest your desire you can move on to closing down the ritual.
 In order to close down the ritual all you have to do is say out loud, or in your head “may these people come to me.” From there you can undo your protection, cleanse, or banish the area, and then center, and ground again in order to end the ritual. Then you will be able to go on your way knowing that these people will be coming to you.

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