This ritual will go through the action of allowing you to set up a sacred space in which to work magick from, to be protected within, and to interact with a bunch of different spiritual energies, that will be able to empower you and the space that you invoke them. This place will exist within liminality as a place between the physical world, and the spiritual world, and will connect you to the higher energies and planes of existences. This ritual will be very similar to rituals such as the wiccan circle casting ritual, and the traditional witchcraft ritual of the witches compass. It draws on the same ideas of creating a space in which to work.


This section is going to tell you what you will need in order to perform the sacred space ritual. Some of these objects will be optional, though more of the things that you incorporate here the stronger the ritual will be.

  • A space in which to construct this sacred space. Can be of any size as long as the space can fit a circular shape.
  • (optional) Something to make a physical representation of a circle with such as a cord, stones, or chalk.
  • (optional) Representations for all four qualities, and all four elements.

Memorize these phrases:

  • “Skakna” meaning spirit.
  • “Dakna” meaning earth.
  • “Ba” meaning banishment and cleansing.
  • “Cakna” meaning force field, energy circle, and protective energy.
  • “Va” meaning release.

Memorize these sigils:



Cleansing, banishing, grounding, and centering:

During this process in the ritual you are going through the act of cleansing, and banishing the area of all the energies that you don’t want in your sacred space, so that this place can be a blank slate for you to interact with. This will allow you to mold, and create the sacred space in any way you see fit, by filling that vacant space with spiritual energies of your choosing.

In order to cleanse the space for this ritual we are going to cleanse the space using energies that we get from above, and below, along with an incantation, and a sigil of cleansing, and banishment that will be charged, and activated in order to manifest your desire. This will also go through the process of cleansing your individual being as well as the area around you, and will allow you to ground yourself to the earth, and open yourself up to the higher planes of existence, while also bringing your attention to the center of yourself in this moment in time.

Begin by standing up, and raise your hand up to the sky in front of you. You will want to use your power hand, which is usually going to be your dominant hand. Do this with your palm open and your fingers spread out. As you do so visualize spiritual energy coming into your hand, and the rest of your being from the universe, the celestial world, the higher planes of existences, your spirit guides, your deity, or deities, and your higher self, along with any other higher power you would want to help you. Call out to all of these entities, and constructs, and ask them to help you. With your voice vibrate the word “Skakna”. “Skakna” meaning spirit.

Once you’ve done that bring your hand down slowly to the ground in front of you, and take a knee. As you have your hand upon the ground visualize the spirit of the earth, and the land, and the place that you are, also sending their spiritual energy up to your hand, and the rest of your being. With your voice vibrate the word “Dakna”. “Dakna” meaning earth.

Next draw the earth banishing pentagram upon the ground. After that draw the banishing sigil BA over the place where you drew the Earth banishing pentagram. Once they have both been drawn push them both into being by forcing your hand down upon where you drew them. As you do so visualize the area that you want to be cleansed, and banished, and with your voice vibrate the word “Ba”. “Ba” meaning banishment and cleansing. This will send out the energy that you have raised in order to cleanse, and banish the energies from the area.

Once the entire space is cleansed you will be able to move on to the next step of setting up the barrier between your space, and regular existence.

Layout sacred space:

Now we are going to establish the physical, mental, and/or energetic barrier around the circles perimeter.

In order to do this physically we could use things such as a rope, or other form of cord, so that we would be able to lay it on the perimeter. We could take chalk and physically draw out a circle on the ground with the chalk. You could also take rocks, and place them on the perimeter of the circle in order to act as the physical barrier. You can also add representations for the four elements, and four qualities in their specific directions, in order to have things that connect them to those spots. Though it is not imperative to have a physical representation it may add additional energy, and will provide a very clear indication of where the circle of the Sacred space is.

It is important to mentally invision where your circle is so that you can mentally understand word is, and send energy there in order for it to begin to form. Visualize it as clearly as you can in your mind, then walk around the perimeter of the circle in a clockwise manner, while you do so visualize your energy going forth to strengthen the perimeter. Do this even if you have a physical representation that way your circle will be physical, mental, and spiritual, and will exist on all levels of being. As you walk around the perimeter of the circle with your voice vibrate in a chanting manner the word “Cakna”. “Cakna” meaning force field, energy circle, and protective energy.

Once you are done walking around your circle go back to the middle of it, and move on to the next step.

Invoke energies to be present in that space:

This will go through the process of calling forth elemental energies, and the directions they are associated to, along with the four qualities being called with the four corner directions. Now we will call upon the four elements, and four qualities to the sacred space:

  • Call upon the element of fire from the south by tracing the sigil of fire.
  • Call upon the quality of hot from the Southeast by tracing the sigil of hot.
  • Call upon the element of water from the East by tracing the sigil of water.
  • Call upon the quality of cold from the northeast by tracing the sigil of cold.
  • Call upon the element of earth from the north by tracing the sigil of earth.
  • Call upon the quality of wet from the northwest by tracing the sigil of wet.
  • Call upon the element of air from the west by tracing the sigil of air.
  • Call upon the quality of dry from the Southwest by tracing the sigil of dry.
  • Call upon the higher planes of existences, and the higher celestial realms from the above by tracing the sigil of above. This will also call down masculine energy, and yang energy from the universe above, and will represent the spirit of the individual who exists Within the Sacred Space. This direction will also be connected to the future, and everything that will be, through any forms of fate, or destiny
  • Call upon the earth, and the physical material world from below by tracing the sigil of below. This will also call up feminine energy, and yin energy from below, and will also be the direction that represents the physical bodies of the individuals who exists within the sacred space, along with the area that it has been placed upon. This will be connected to everything that has happened in the past, and everything that also could have happened.

Once you draw a sigil push through it with your power hand, and with your voice vibrate in a chanting manner the word “Va”. “Va” meaning release.

By calling upon these ten different energies they will be able to meet in the center to synchronize into something greater, and be used in order to facilitate the sacred space. 10 is the number of completion, and cycles, and will be represented by the energies that we’re going to be calling forth. It also represents the 10 emanations of the Tree of Life in qabalah, and the different planes of existences.

The 8 surrounding points are connected to the understandings of balance, harmony, power, abundance, and the ability to make decisions. They also represent the 8 different points in the year marked by solstices, and equinoxes, and the places between the two. The two pairs of four points of the four elements, and the four qualities represent stability, order, and justice, along with physicality.

The center point will be grounded in the present, and will be the place where all other times come to meet. this will be the place of the Mind, and consciousness the construct that connects the spiritual to the physical. Where the individual’s higher self will be called, so that you are able to join back with them all in the space allowing your microcosm to meet back with your macrocosm. This will make it so they will be able to have an easier time communicating with the universe on every level of of it’s being.

Once you go through the act of bringing all of these energies into the sacred space it has been completed and you can go through the act of beginning a magickal working, or just simply be within it. Once you are ready to you can move on to undoing the sacred space in order to return it back to how it was normally.

Undoing, and closing:

In order to go through the process of undoing, and closing down the Sacred Space all you must do is walk around the perimeter in a counterclockwise fashion, return to the middle of the circle, and then repeat the part of the ritual from the cleansing, banishing, grounding, and centering portion in order to go to the act of returning everything back to its natural state. From there you are done with the ritual, and you can go on your own way through the rest of your day.

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