This is a list of animals, and some of their metaphysical properties. This is not an all-encompassing list, and only has a good amount of the more basic animals.

Alligator: Maternal, Survival Instincts, Ancient Wisdom, Bravery, Resilience, Stealth, Strength, Power

Ant: Group Minded, Determination, Patient, Active, Industrious, Community, Strength, Cooperation, Diligence, Loyalty, Perseverance

Anteater: Curiosity, Nosiness, Action, Awareness, Perception, Intuition

Antelope: Active, Action, Agile, Adaptability, Awareness, Communication, Survival

Vigilance, Mental Clarity, Movement

Armadillo: Protection, Empathy, Grounding, Boundaries

Badger: Assertiveness, Confidence, Courage, Independence, Determination, Self-reliance, Persistence, Strategy

Bat: Rebirth, Longevity, Secrecy, Initiation, Illusion, Dreams, Intuition, Initiation, Journeying, Inner depth, Communication, Vision, Transition, Understanding grief, Invisibility, Fear, Shape-shifting, Transformation, Psychic Power, Astral Travel

Bear: Industrious, Instinctive, Healing, Power, Sovereignty, Courage, Will Power, Self-preservation, Introspection, Boundaries, Creativity, Motherhood, Confidence, Nurturance, Protection, Strength

Beaver: Determined, Strong-willed, Builder, Overseer, Protector, Teamwork

Bee: Organized, Productive, Wise, Community, Fertility, Defensiveness, Dedication, Success, Obsessive nature, Protection, Nurturing

Boar: Strength, Wealth, Prosperity, Growth, Protection, Wildness,Vitality, Self-reliant

Bull: Strength, Fertility, Vigour, Determination, Persistence, Vitality, fertility

Pig: Prosperity, Abundance, Good luck

Buffalo: Sacredness, Blessing, Life, Strength, Abundance, Gratitude, Community, Manifestation

Butterfly: Metamorphosis, Transformation, Balance, Grace, Spirit Work, Expression, Creativity, Peace, Joy, Cycles

Camel: Survival, Endurance, Patience, Durability, Vitality, Adaptability, Obedience, Stability, Replenishment

Caribou: Traveler, mobility, adaptability, Resolve, Adversity, Cycles

Cat: Guardianship, Detachment, Sensuality, Mystery, Magick, Independence, Patience, Curiosity, Intuition, Self-reliance

Cheetah: Swiftness, Insight, Focus, Nourishment, Grace, Speed, Flexibility, Openness, Freedom

Cougar: Leadership, Loyalty, Courage, Foresight, Confidence, Awareness, Balance, Strength, Wisdom, Courage, Cunning

Cow: Nourishment, Healing, Fertility, Motherhood, Abundance, Understanding

Coyote: Trickster, Intelligence, Stealth, Wisdom, Adaptability, Playfulness, Shape Shifting, Resourcefulness

Cobra: Swift, Decisive, Strength, Power, Magick, Protection

Crab: Good luck, Protection, Success, Prosperity, Regeneration

Crane: Solitude, Justice, Longevity, Independent, Intelligent, Vigilant

Crow: Justice, Shape Shifting, Change, Creativity, Spiritual Strength, Energy, Community, Balance, Destiny, Intelligence, Trickster, Flexibility, Adaptability, Magick

Deer: Compassion, Peace, Intellectual, Caring, Kind, Subtlety, Gracefulness, Innocence, Intuitive, Vigilance, divinity, magick

Dog: Noble, Faithful, Loyal, Teaching, Protection, Guidance, Trustworthiness, Reliability, Perseverance, Playfulness, Friendly, Creativity, Affection

Dolphin: Kind, Salvation, Wisdom, Happiness, Playfulness, Prudent, Protection, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Cooperation, Inner Strength, Communication

Dove: Cross-world Communication, Spirit messenger, Peace, Gentleness, Love

Dragonfly: Carefree, Imaginative, Change, Transformation, Adaptability, Joy, Allowance, Harmony, Illumination, Illusion

Duck:  Clarity, Comfort, Grace, Family

Eagle: Divine spirit, Intelligence, Renewal, Courage, Freedom, Risk-taker, Intuition, Creativity, Strength, Hope, Stamina, Resilience, Vision, Spiritual Awakening

Elephant: Strength, Power, Affection, Loyalty, Royalty, Wisdom, Charity, Determination, Intelligence, Loyalty, Community, Parenthood

Falcon: New beginnings, Adventure, Passionate, Leadership, Awareness, Speed, Mental Clarity

Firefly: Emancipation, Spiritual Gifts, Enlightenment, Illumination, Guidance, Courage, Pathfinding

Fly: Quirkiness, Speed, Humility, Support, Survival

Flamingo: Balance, Happiness, Love, Illusion, Open-Heartedness

Fox: Cunning, Agility, Quick-witted, Diplomacy, Wildness, Shape Shifting, Invisibility

Frog: Cleansing, Rebirth, Renewal, Fertility, Abundance, Sensitivity, Transformation, Hidden Beauty, Peace, Adaptability

Giraffe: Communication, Intuition, Goals, Achievements, Beauty, Expression, Discernment

Goat: Surefootedness, Stubbornness, Independence, Balance, Abundance

Goose: Bravery, Self-demanding, Reliable, Prudent, Vigilance, Parenthood, Productive, Journeys

Gorilla: Family, Intelligence, Strength, Environmental Protection, Communication, Clarity, Knowledge, Mental Powers, Boundaries

Grasshopper: Good luck, Progressive, Abundance, Achievement, Optimism, Patience, Motivation

Grouse: Personal Power, Enlightenment, Personal Vision, Cycles, Humility, Personal Knowledge

Hawk: Messenger, Intuition, Victory, Healing, Nobility, Recollection, Cleansing, Visionary Power,  Guardianship

Hedgehog: Protection, Creativity, Opportunities, Curiosity

Heron: Self-Determined, Self-Reliant, Multi-Tasking, Balanced, Wisdom, Carefree, Responsibility, Delicacy, Dignity, Self Esteem, Tact

Hippopotamus: Power, Protection, Depth, Family, Strength

Horse: Freedom, Stamina, Mobility, Travel, Power, Patience, Compassion, Purpose

Hummingbird: Messenger, Timelessness, Independence, Healing, Swiftness, Resiliency

Jaguar: Agility, Chaos, Conflict, Shape-shifter, Power, Courage, Valor, Strength, Rejuvenation, Self-Reliance

Jellyfish: Acceptance, Illumination, Inner Strength, Intention, Organization, Power, Protection, Sensitivity, Simplification, Softness

Kangaroo: Creative, Stamina, Nurturing, Movement, Generosity, Gratitude, Family

Koala: Gratitude, Prayer, Healing, Shamanic Journeys, Meditation, Dreams, Pleasure, Memory, Protection, Connection, Trust, Calm

Koi Fish: Creativity, Abundance, Longevity, Survival, Persistence, Intuition, Balance

Lion: Family, Strength, Energy, Courage, Guardian, Assertiveness, Protector, Power, Pride, Decisions, Grace, Vitality, Royalty

Llama: Secure, Comfort, Curiosity Movement, Patience, Perseverance, Responsibility

Lynx: Secrets, Guardian, Comfort, Confidence, Loyalty, Teacher, Truth, Understanding, Passions

Praying Mantis: Stillness, Patience, Mindfulness, Calm, Intuition

Mole: Sensitivity, Guidance, Searching, strength, determination, Independence
Monkey: Creativity, Unconventional, Social, Communication, Health, Success, Ingenuity, Innovation, Instinct, Intelligence, Movement, Playfulness, Understanding

Moth: Messages, Inner Guidance, Trust, Attraction, Romance, Transformation, Vulnerability, Concealment, Determination

Moose: Headstrong, longevity, Steadfastness, Wisdom, Self Esteem, Self-Respect
Mouse: Scrutiny, Order, Organizer, Examination, Judgement, Rivalry, Abundance, Gratitude

Octopus: Intelligence, Camouflage, Nocturnal, Adaptability, Evasion, Expansion, Flexibility, Focus, Illusion, Insatiability

Opossum: Diversion, Strategist, Deceiver, Guidance, Recovery, Sensibility

Orca: Community, Creativity, Dreams, Guidance, Harmony, Intuition, Perception

Ostrich: Grounded, Practical, Grace

Otter: Playful, Friendly, Dynamic, Joy, Helpfulness, Sharing, Relaxation, Playfulness, Creativity, Priorities, Cooperation, Courage

Owl: Deception, Clairvoyance, Insight, Messenger, Intuition, Wisdom, Prophecy, Deception, Death

Ox: Sacrifice, Chastity, Self-denial, Strength, Calm, Stamina

Panda: Gentle Strength, Peace, Good luck, Wisdom, Determination

Panther: Protection, Hidden Emotions, Introspection, Caution, Careful Decisions, Astral travel, Death, Rebirth, Power, Reclaiming Your Power, Mysticism

Parrot: Communication, Beauty, Wisdom, Mockery, Imitation, Speech, Gossip, New Ideas

Porcupine: Protection, Recreation, Renewal, Resistance, Strength

Peacock: Immortality, Dignity, Self-confidence, Beauty, Balance, Immortality, Self-love, Resurrection

Pelican: Resilient, Freedom, Nobility, Direction, Reflection, Cooperation, Competition, Guilt

Pheasant: Protection, Vitality, Passion, Balance, Sexuality, Protection, Creativity

Penguin: Self-discipline, Grace, Self-confidence, Fatherhood, Liminality, Unconventionality, Community

Porcupine: Innocence, Companionship, Trust, Defense, Helpfulness, Partnership, Fearlessness

Prairie Dog: Swiftness, Industrious, Constructive, Preparedness, Self-Discovery, Self-Examination, Sociability, Participation, Prosperity, Renewed Success, Responsibilities, Family

Puma: Strength, Grace, Silent power, Nobility, Patience, Leadership, Guardianship, Self-assurance

Quail: Group-work, Protectiveness, Communal Living, Courage, Grounding, Nourishment, Opportunity, Peace, Solutions

Rabbit: Timidity, Humility, Rebirth, Fertility, Abundance, Wealth, Cleverness, Creativity, Spontaneity, Vigilance, Intensity, Growth

Raccoon: Curiosity, Secrecy, Resourcefulness, Assertiveness, Illusion, Adaptability, Cleanliness

Ram: Stoic, Sensitive, Persevering, Curious, Imaginative, Power, Virility

Rat: Fertility, Stealth, Scavenging, Intelligence, Survival, Resourcefulness

Raven: Introspection, Courage, Self-knowledge, Magick, rebirth, Renewal, Mysticism, Shape-shifter, Death

Rhinoceros: Wisdom, Solitary, Insightful, Solid, Achievement, Power, Decisions, Confidence, Boundaries

Roadrunner: Agility, Speed, Opportunistic, Courage

Rooster: Vanity, Helpful, Trustworthy, Attentive, Protective, Leadership, Insightful, Strategic

Robin: Ends, New Beginnings, Transformation, Joy, Hope, Gratitude, Enlightenment, Patience, Modesty

Salmon: Proud, Intense, Confident, Wisdom, Inspiration, Family, Goal Oriented, Hardworking, Knowledge, Messages, Passion, Rebirth, Regeneration, Strength, Transformation, Wisdom

Scorpion: Strong, Inspiring, Chaotic, Passionate, Secrets, Transformation, Regeneration, Focus, Passion

Scarab: Persistence, Regeneration, Abundance, Protection, Success, Connection, Creativity, Fertility, Immortality, Integrity, Productiveness, Reason, Renewal Of Life

Seagull: Versatility, Creativity, Adaptability, Attitude, Communication, Cunning, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Stamina, Survival

Seahorse: Confidence, Grace, Fatherhood, Tranquility, Emotional Stability, Grace, Transcendence

Seal: Love, Creativity, Change, Creativity, Good Luck, Organization,Prosperity, Success, Understanding

Sheep: Innocence, Gentleness, Self-acceptance, Stoic, Sensitive, Curious, Imaginative, Virility

Shark: Survival, Adaptability, Focus, Persistence, Power, Guardianship, Inspiration

Journey, Curiosity

Skunk: Reputation, Presence, Introspection, Judgment, Pacifism, Passivity,Prudence, Reputation, Respect, Sensuality, Silence

Snail: Protective, Aware, Solitary, Self-Assurance, Self-Reliance, Sensitivity, Observation

Snake: Impulsive, Rebirth,Transformation, Initiation, Instincts, Wisdom, Balance, Elusiveness, Healing, Immortality, Patience, Power, Cunning, Cycles

Spider: Balance, Wisdom, Patience, Creativity, Communication, Fate

Sparrow: Productivity, Joy, Awakenings, Friendliness

Squirrel: Abundance, Prosperity, Fun, Honesty, Material Supplies, Resourcefulness, Planner, Gatherer

Starfish: Regeneration, Opportunities, Healing, Beauty, Connection, Emotions, Empathy, Guidance, Hope, Insight, Inspiration, Perception, Regeneration

Swan: Grace, Balance, Innocence, Love, Beauty, Peace, Tranquility, Commitment, Confidence, Self-esteem, Dreams, Purity

Stork: Messages, Expression, Fidelity, Motherhood, Fertility, Prosperity, Purity

Tiger: Strength, Valor, power, willpower, Energy, Passion, Vitality, Alacrity, Vigour, Strength, Royalty, Protection, Boundaries

Toad: Inner Strength, Luck, Self-examination, Growth Cycles, Family-Oriented

Turkey: Generosity, Abundance, Life-giver, Sharer, Charity, Creation, Fertility, Harvest, Honor, Pride, Purpose, Sacrifice, Understanding

Turtle: Determination, Persistence, Longevity, Nurturer, Self-Reliance, Protection, Endurance, Wisdom, Fertility

Vulture: Adaptability, Cleanliness, Death, Equalizing, Innovation, Patience, Perception, Protection, Rebirth, Renewal, Resourcefulness

Wasp: Creation, Evolution, Enthusiasm, Determination

Weasel: Strength, Energy, Ingenuity, Stealth

Whale: Wisdom, Provider, Communication, Intelligence, Imagination, Spiritual Expansion, Kindness

Wolf: Communication, Companionship,  Loyalty, Freedom, Humbleness, Intuition, Protection, Path-Finding, Spirituality, Truth, Self-Confidence, Majesty, Healing, Honor, Wisdom, Success, Balance Intelligence, Re-Birth, Power, Strength, Ferocity, Untamed Wildness, Sneakiness, Anger, Hostility, Solitude, Violence, The Unknown, Self-Reflection, Animalistic, Survival, Aggression, Pride, Mystery, Shadow, Insatiable, Fear, Death.

Woodpecker: Sensitive, Protective, Nurturing, Devotion, Fertility, Grounding, Innovation, Intellect, Intuition

Zebra: Agility, Individuality, Alertness, Balance, Community, Uniqueness

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