Obviously, this is going to be a very “not safe for work” type of subject, so viewer discretion is advised.

Masturbation can be a powerful tool in the ways of magick, and this action allows you to harness your sexual kna to send your will into the universe. This is sometimes referred to as solo sex magick, masturbation magick, or orgasm magick. Before you begin the process of masturbation magick, you may also want to go through the process of cleansing and protecting the area in which you are going to practice while also opening yourself up and grounding yourself, as you would for any other ritual or magickal practice.

Through masturbating, you will enter an altered state of consciousness in which you can focus upon a specific intention to target them with your sexual kna. This sexual kna is what is used to manifest desires through masturbation magick. It can be used to charge objects and can be a way to send your intentions out into the universe. The act of orgasming releases is a high amount of sexual kna in a very concentrated form. It is important during this practice that you are not disturbed so that you can build up sexual kna and power around your desire and release it at your climax in its full potential. Stopping or getting distracted hinders this process, and it really should be one continuous flowing motion to get the best results. In this state, you should focus upon your magickal intention either consciously, or have it very close in your subconscious mind, so that it would be able to work in the background while you get off. Holding focus on these specific goals while masturbating will be challenging, mainly because your mind will want to wander to other things and may go through the process of forgetting about your magickal intention.
You can also use affirmations during this process and can repeat these affirmations while you masturbate. This will allow you to remind yourself of your intention and focus your sexual kna on your goal. You can also shorten this information to one-word statements of power if you find it is too difficult to remember an entire sentence while getting off. Usually, these words of power will be a single word having to do with what you want your entire desire to be, such as the word “success,” “money,” or “love.” These words will replace the statement of intent and act as their shorthand.

You can also use a sigil in this practice to focus upon it or to have it in the background while you masturbate so that it will be in your subconscious mind or conscious mind while you get off. This way, it will charge the sigil up until you release it into the world through your orgasm. During orgasm, you should focus on the sigil and desire so that you can send it out with your sexual kna at the climax of your masturbation practice. Concentrating on your intention is paramount, or having a sigil that your subconscious mind can focus on while you masturbate will work just fine. You do not need to be completely focused on your goal with your consciousness, but it should be the very first thing on your mind upon reaching climax. This allows you not to focus entirely on your intent during the entire process of masturbating, allowing you to focus on more things that allow you to get off so that you will be able to build sexual kna to manifest your desire. Usually, this process will be quicker than masturbating just for fun. By speeding up this process, you can build up your kna quickly and send it out reasonably without the kna dissipating. You can also use multiple orgasms towards the same intention, allowing that intention to build up more kna and power through your multiple masturbations.

Semen and vaginal fluid are the sexual fluids that hold kna from the previous sexual experience they were brought forth from, making them very potent and allowing them to connect to your magickal desire. Because of this, they can be used in your magical work to bring forth elements of your intention into the world. Your sexually produced fluid also has the kna and metaphysical correspondences of your intention that you were masturbating to and can be used to further that goal, whether through anointing it in specific areas or through consumption. Through anointing things with these substances, you will be able to transfer their sexual kna into objects to enchant them. You could even go through the process of charging crystals or sigils through the use of sexual kna. They can also be used as tag locks to connect back to the person who created them.


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