Find a place where you will be able to perform this session upon your target whether, or not that is yourself, or another person. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and make this place as comfortable as possible. You may do this through putting on music, or by even turning off or dimming the lights. Whatever allows you to make the area more comfortable for yourself, and your target. This will allow you, and your target to relax allowing you to get into the mindset for reiki. It is also advisable to wear comfortable clothing for you and the target, and to remove all forms of jewelry because certain metals impede the work of energy.

If you are performing reiki at a distance it will be a good idea to use some form of representation usually referred to as a surrogate to stand in for your target, so by working with that surrogate you are able to heal your target. A surrogate can be anything that can be a stand-in for their body such as a doll or teddy bear, and it will be the object you will work your reiki upon in order to Target them with it. You are also able to use a taglock like a photograph, or something that they own as a connection point to the target that is distant, and by channeling reiki into it you will send it to them.

Draw a reiki sandwich consisting of the Cho Ku Rei symbol, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol, and another Cho Ku Rei symbol over the surrogate, or taglock, while thinking about the target you would like to heal, so that you will be able to connect that surrogate, or taglock to the target.

Remember that you are not the one healing the target, but the target is healing themselves through the use of the connection to reiki that you provide, and because of this you act as a conduit for that person to initiate their own self healing. Reiki energy will begin to flow through your body as soon as you intend to use your reiki upon an individual, so In order to heal yourself and others you must first begin the process by laying your hands upon, or near to the target, the surrogate, or the taglock you wish to heal, or send reiki through. If you are not going to be touching the target directly you can hold your hands 3 to 4 inches above them. If you wish to use hand positions this is the place where you could decide where you would want to place your hands upon your target. Though you can do this in pretty much any way that you would like as long as your palms are pointed towards them and your fingers are together, because this will allow the energy to flow more effectively. If you pay attention to your intuition you will be able to intuitively move your hands to better positions. Remember that hand positions are not entirely necessary, because reiki will go where it is needed, and all you really need to do is become a channel for the energy. You do not need to apply pressure, if actually touching them and you can simply just allow your hands to gently rest upon the targets form. Take your time, and spend a couple minutes with your hands in a specific position then move them around the body and spend a couple minutes there, continue to do this throughout the session. If you have an idea where a specific problem stems from you can always place your hands there in order to start the reiki energy on a specific injury, or illness from the beginning. You may also find it beneficial to place your hands above specific energy centers in the body so that you will be able to balance  and charge them. You can also keep your hands in a certain position until you feel the situation of that area change. During the Reiki session you are also able to draw the reiki symbols, and the reiki sandwich over the target in order for you to bring that energy into them. you may find that you want to do this in certain positions such as over energy centers or places where your intuition tells you you should.

For how much time, and energy you put into the session is exactly how much you will get back in results so remember to take your time in to be thorough. Do the session as long as you would like and remember even after the session has been complete the energy that has been taken into the body will continue to do its job and to heal what is needed.

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