Viadescioism is focused upon the middle ground between polarities. Viadescioism embodies this virtue of balance, and equilibrium within the fifth virtue of Isoropia, and connects it with the understanding of mercury on the tetractys, and it brings forth understandings of justice, moderation and egalitarianism.

It follows the middle way, and sees that existence is not black, or white, it is a balance, and is neutral. Balancing at the center of the nature of everything, and balancing between the understandings of balance, and instability. Once you are sitting with in the middle way you are able to be more at peace, and from this spot you can see all.

When you lean to a specific side your eyes become cloudy to what is over the middle, and you begin to build up false egotistical identity with the side in which you lean. You identify yourself with that idea, and take it on as something that you are, and then something that “I am”. Walking between the two extremes allows us with in all aspects of life to see all sides of a situation, or understanding. so that we will be able to flow with the nature of being, and accept, and understand all aspects of existence.

“Good” and “Evil” do not exist, and are simply constructs relative to our perception based off our beliefs, and understandings that we have already set forth into our being. Everything in the world is neutral, and simply is.

Learning to be balanced, and to accept that everything is, whether it seems to be pleasurable or painful, “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, future or past, or any other understanding with a polarity will allow you to free yourself from the suffering that both of these leanings provide. You will be able to focus on what is, and you will be able to see through it gaining insight, knowledge, and satisfaction for everything that you experience and take within yourself.

Everything that is a part of these polarities is simply one side of the same coin, and by learning and accepting both sides you will be able to establish oneness between the understandings through a connection between the two poles of the polarity. You will see aspects of one within the other, and you will see that one side is the other side just viewed from a different perception relative to your positioning. Balance is key for all aspects of life, if you stay within the center, and accept what is, you will find balance within yourself, and harmony with in existence.

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