Dryads are the spirits of trees, and are elemental nature spirits that are present within forests, woodlands, and groves, because of this you are going to find a lot more dryads located in forested areas though they are also able to be found in trees in parks of suburbs, and cities. Tree spirits have been recognized throughout the world through many different cultures, though in my understanding I will be referring to them as dryads from the Greek understanding of things. Because, of how many trees there are there could be quite a lot of dryads located on the Earth communicating and connecting with the people of the areas in which they live.

Dryads are associated with various trees, and have varying degrees of temperament. Though these entities do seem to be usually very shy, though if you can approach them in a specific manner you will be able to communicate with them, and win their trust.  even though they are shy they’re also incredibly fierce when it comes to defending the forest, and their personal trees.

Dryads are drawn to inhabit trees that are of a specific type. They usually choose to inhabit trees such as oak trees, pine trees, poplar trees, laurel trees, fruit trees, and ash trees, along with many others. They also especially go for older trees, or wolf trees. Wolf trees being a large old tree that is surrounded by younger smaller trees. Dryad see the forest as their families, and trees that are next to each other make up these families of dryads.

Once a dryad chooses to connect with a specific tree it becomes a hamadryad, and is bound to the tree in a very personal connection, so much so if the tree dies the hamadryad will perish as well. Dryads are able to roam around the forested area, and move from tree to tree as elementals of the forest, woodland, and groves, until they choose to settle into one and become a hamadryad. Hamadryads can not move too far away from their tree, and are bound to it, while dryads are able to move all throughout the forest. Hamadryads also go dormant in the winter with their trees, and because of this communication with them during the winter months is very hard if not nearly impossible. When the tree flourishes that a hamadryad is present within, the hamadryad will grow, or develop in a healthy or vigorous way as well. Trees that have hamadryad usually have a much more intense spiritual presents. It seems to be very bad luck to cut down a tree that contains a hamadryad without getting consent of the tree first, and this can lead to all manner of suffering for the person who chops down the tree.

You are able to communicate with the spirit of trees in order to learn about the land, nature, and the spiritual world. Tree Spirits can contain great wisdom because of how long they are able to live for, and how much interactions with the world that they have had. This allows them to be great guides, and guardians for the area, and land in which they have existed for years

Working with these trees in your magickal practice can help you through the processes of learning about the land, having a space in which friends are watching over you, and the tree spirits will be able to provide you with pieces of themselves through the Wood of the tree, which can go on to make powerful tools for your practice. Dryads are wonderful and beautiful nature spirits that are present within most areas, and can be great entities to get in contact with.

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