Familiars are entities that go through the process of helping the magickal practitioner in their workings. These entities can be either spiritual, or physical, and these two distinctions make up the two different types of familiars a practitioner can have. Familiars are primarily worked with in order to help you with your magickal agenda, but can also be a messenger, and a protector when needed, and they are also able to interact with the spiritual world, and can divine information. They can also give their own energies to your castings in order to empower your working allowing for whatever you are doing magickally to go more smoothly. Not all practitioners go through the process of working with familiars, but anyone is able to have one if they would like, and you can even have more than one.

There are many ways in which you can come in contact with your familiar, but usually they either just spontaneously show up, are given to you, or are summoned by you. Familiars that spontaneously come to you usually do this when they feel you need help in your practice, and are willing to help you. When a familiar is given to you they may come from a teacher, a higher spiritual entity, your family, or a group, usually when this happens it is during an initiation, rite of passage, or another form of inheriting process. If you go through the process of summoning a familiar you will send out a call into the spiritual world through normal summoning practices, and wait to see if a familiar will come to you, and answer your call.

Some familiars will come with names, and others will need you to give them one. Usually when practitioners name their familiar they pick something meaningful that allows them to better connect with their familiar, and connect them to their practice.

Physical Familiars:

Physical Familiars have usually been seen as animal companions that would serve the practitioner, and are more commonly smaller animals. These animals share a very strong bond with their practitioners. Every animal provides their own unique energies, understandings, and personality too you’re working. These animals will be drawn to the places, and times in which the practitioner uses for their working, and we’ll be able to use their own power to help the proceeding along. Communication with Physical Familiars happens through animal communication, body language, and meditation. When your physical familiar dies it can, become your spiritual familiar if it wishes to continue helping you.

Physical Familiars can also be plants that will provide their energies to the workings of their practitioner. They can be any type of plant, and just like the animals all the different types of plants will provide something different.

Spiritual Familiars:

Spiritual familiars can be any form of spiritual species from fairies, and angels, to dragons, and demons. They may even be the spirit of a human, a non-human animal, or a plant. Spiritual Familiars may be a spirit that attaches themselves to an animal companion, or they can simply be a spirit in which you interact with in the spiritual world. A practitioner can send their familiar out into the spiritual planes of existences to complete tasks. They may also be able to help you in astral projection, and astral travel by being a protector, and a guide for the spiritual area. they will also be able to add energy to to your practice empowering it and can also provide you with protection in all aspects of your life.

You may provide your familiar spirit with a housing this could be anything from a jar, statue, tools, jewelry, crystal, or anything else that you would like to attach there spirit to. You do not need to go through the process of doing this but it can help connect them to the physical plane of existence in order for them to be more present in your working. They may even choose to connect with a physical animal companion in order to have more of a connection in your working, and life.

Spiritual Familiars are also given offerings in order to thank them for their services, and to nurture them. You are able to make a shrine, or Altar for this entity where their housing will be, and where you will be able to give them offerings. Communication with spiritual familiars is done through divination, meditation, your Sixth Sense, dreams, and astral projection.

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