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Month: October 2018

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Energy work: Energetics striking

Energy can be used to improve your combat effectiveness by allowing you to also hurt people on a spiritual level. This can be done by releasing your energy in a specific way, so that when you go through the process of making contact with your opponent not only will they take the brunt of your physical hit, but you will […]

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Energy work: Moving energy through your body

Once you are able to project energy externally, it is a good idea to begin working on moving energy through your body so that you can have better control over where the energy is within. this will allow you to project it more effectively, and to have a stronger connection, and sense of what is going on inside of you. […]

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Wolf Magick: Elements of species, and the subspecies of the Wolf

This list does includes species, and subspecies that are debated in taxonomy. Gray Wolf: Canis lupus | Element: Air Arctic Wolf: Canis lupus arctos | Element: Water Alaskan tundra wolf: Canis lupus tundrarum | Element: Water Vancouver Island wolf: Canis lupus crassodon | Element: Water Greenland wolf: Canis lupus orion | Element: Water Eurasian wolf: Canis lupus lupus | Element: […]

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Ravens of Antimony: Okna of the months

This shows the connections of the ravens of antimony okna ona to the months, and also shows the light side, and dark side of the year which is the rise, and fall of the year. Light side of the year: January (Wasaodakna) – CREATION (Knaskasha) February (Usaodakna) – LIFE (Padaxa) March (Knasaodakna)- POWER (Aio) April (Shasaodakna) – LOVE (Euæ) May […]

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Ravens of antimony: Basic phrases

These are some basic phrases, and words in the ravens of antimony: Hello = Labadaska Ravens of Antimony = Arskasa Ona Labada Xadakna Ravens of Antimony language = Lajaarskasa How are you? = Knacayaja Dada Daska Oya? Very good = Tama Aiokna Bad = Tasa Goodbye = Dava Good morning = Malabadaska Good afternoon = Lalabadaska Good evening = Salabadaska Goodnight = SasalabadaskaPlease […]

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Ravens of antimony: Animals name words

Arska meaning animal is the main route for all of these words then it is combined with other ravens in order to get specific animals. This is a list of the names of animals in the Ravens of antimony language. Alligator = Arskasasa Ant = Arskakapa Dear = Arskaiu Badger = Arskaha Bee = Arskaa Camel = Arskahama Cat = […]

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Ravens of antimony: Raven energy

The main reason that the ravens of antimony were chosen in the form of ravens was simply because of the connection of the raven to the wolf, but the form of the raven gives these entities a connection to raven energy, and the metaphysical properties of ravens. The ravens of antimony’s spiritual form is based off of the common raven (Corvus corax). The energies […]

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Wolf Magick: Wolf Sounds

There are four primary vocalizations that wolves make, and these are known as barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. These sounds are able to be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate certain energies, and in order to perform specific tasks. Wolves also combined sounds to make combinations much like howl-barking which could also be used in wolf magick in […]