There are four primary vocalizations that wolves make, and these are known as barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. These sounds are able to be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate certain kna, and in order to perform specific tasks. Wolves also combined sounds to make combinations much like howl-barking which could also be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate a combination of two forms of kna. These sounds can be used as vocal emissions by the practitioner in many different parts of their practice.


Whimpering also referred to as squeaking, whining, and yiping is a short high frequency noise that is usually seen to be friendly, submissive, and not aggressive. Wolves use whimpering in friendly interactions, or in cases on when they are feeling frustration, and anxiety. It is a way of calling to the pups, and it is also a way that wolves tell another wolf that they are being submissive. This is connected to the kna of water. Whimpering can be used in order to facilitate the kna of Joy, love, calm, and the aspects of receiving kna.


Growling is a long deep frequency noise that is usually seen to be dominating and a warning. Wolves growl at intruding wolves, or predators. This is connected to the kna of fire. Growling can be used for banishing, cursing, and binding.


Barking is a short explosive noise that is usually seen to be a long-distance warning, that can be used to call attention. Wolves do bark though they do do it less than dogs. A bark, or a bark howl can be used to show aggression, or to communicate that there is danger. This is connected to the kna of earth. Barking can be used for Cleansing, grounding, and the aspects of projecting kna.


Howling is a long articulated noise that is usually seen to be a call to the other wolves in the area. wolves can use their howls in two forms of ways. These ways are known as the defensive howl, and a social howl. When the Wolves use a defensive howl they bring the pack together, and it acts as a warning to other wolves in the area. The social howl is for locating each other, and is also done for fun. Howling has been connected greatly with spirituality and divinity, and has even been seen to be like an act of praying. The sound has been connected to great power, and was connected to the winds.

This is connected to the kna of air. The howl is also connected to the moon, and the kna that it possesses. It is connected with communication, especially with communication between wolves, the moon, and the divine. The howl can be used in order to summon forth wolf spirits, and wolf kna. I have also found that the frequency of howling stimulates the spiritual being through its vibrations, frequency, and tone. Howling can be used for balancing, attuning, charging, drawing, warding, and calling forth a spiritual entities, and kna, especially the spirit of the wolf, and wolf kna.


  1. You have no idea how important seeing this post means to me right in this very moment. The timing of it coinciding with the timing of all the other signs I’m seeing…. I’ve been yelling at the internet and then yesterday I decided to change approaches. So today (over an hour ago) I posted I was taking a break…. I’ve been referring to my voice as a “thunderous roar” quaking the earth. And… realised I was “just barking”, so this morning I have been essentially whimpering .. but now your post shows me I was “howling” but quietly.. Because you posted and so did occult kitten. Wtf


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