Energy can be used to improve your combat effectiveness by allowing you to also hurt people on a spiritual level. This can be done by releasing your energy in a specific way, so that when you go through the process of making contact with your opponent not only will they take the brunt of your physical hit, but you will also shoot energy through their body disrupting their energy system. You would also be able to go through the process of targeting specific places on their body, so that you would be able to affect the energy centers that are found there creating energy blockages, unbalance energy centers, and creating spiritual chaos within your opponent’s even after the battle is over.

To go through the process of striking in this way you have to be able to control your energy within yourself, and externally, and in multiple places at the same time. It also takes a very good bit of focus in order to transfer your energy in such a specific way, and will take even more focus during a fight. This energetic striking process can be done when hitting an opponent with any part of your body, but to explain the process I’m going to be referring to punching. You are also able to go through this process with weapons by pushing your energy into those weapons, then striking with them in a way similar to this.

In order to do this first you are going to want to gather energy up into your  fist,  and your elbow. You are going to want to make this as dense as possible in the shortest amount of time. Once you’re happy with how much energy you have gathered, and how dense that energy is you will be able to begin the striking process by simply punching as you would normally. When your elbow becomes extended and your fist goes to make contact, push the energy from your elbow to your fist, so that the energy in the elbow makes it to your fist when the strike makes contact with your opponent. This process will allow the energy in your elbow to push the energy in your fist allowing it to shootout through whatever it makes contact with injecting that energy into the Energy System of whatever is on the business end of this attack.

You will also want to visualize this energy pushing straight through your opponent, so that the energy will not stop on the surface and will work its way into them.  you also want to visualize how the energy is affecting their energy system, and both of these visualizations should be done at the point, and moment of contact. This can be a lot to do, so that is why practice, and focus are very important for this practice to be effective. During this process you are also able to focus on specific emotions, or energies that you would like to use within the strikes to increase their spiritual crippling power and you will be able to program these into the energy beforehand.

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