This list does includes species, and subspecies that are debated in taxonomy.

Gray Wolf: Canis lupus | Element: Air

  • Arctic Wolf: Canis lupus arctos | Element: Water
  • Alaskan tundra wolf: Canis lupus tundrarum | Element: Water
  • Vancouver Island wolf: Canis lupus crassodon | Element: Water
  • Greenland wolf: Canis lupus orion | Element: Water
  • Eurasian wolf: Canis lupus lupus | Element: Air
  • Yukon wolf: Canis lupus pambasileus | Element: Water
  • Arabian wolf: Canis lupus arabs | Element: Fire
  • Mongolian wolf: Canis lupus chanco | Element: Earth
  • Tibetan wolf: Canis lupus filchneri | Element: Earth
  • Indian wolf/Iranian wolf: Canis lupus pallipes | Element: Fire
  • British Columbian Wolf: Canis lupus columbianus | Element: Earth
  • Northern rocky mountain wolf: Canis lupus irremotus | Element: Earth
  • Mexican wolf: Canis lupus baileyi | Element: Fire
  • Mackenzie river wolf: Canis lupus mackenzii | Element: Water
  • Northwestern wolf: Canis lupus occidentalis | Element: Water
  • Baffin Island wolf: Canis lupus manningi | Element: Water
  • Labrador wolf: Canis lupus labradorius | Element: Earth
  • Steppe wolf: Canis lupus campestris | Element: Earth
  • Alexander Archipelago wolf: Canis lupus ligoni | Element: Water
  • Tundra wolf: Canis lupus albus | Element: Water
  • Hudson bay wolf: Canis lupus hundsonicus | Element: Water
  • Italian Wolf: Canis lupus italicus | Element: Air
  • Iberian wolf: Canis lupus signatus | Element: Air
  • Egyptian wolf: Canis lupus lupaster | Element: Fire
  • Dingo: Canis lupus dingo | Element: Fire
  • Domestic dog: Canis lupus familiaris | Element: Water

Extinct Gray Wolves:

  • Great Plains wolf: Canis lupus nubilus | Element: Air (Extinct)
  • Honshū wolf: Canis lupus hodophilax | Element: Fire (Extinct)
  • Mogollon Mountain wolf: Canis lupus mogollensis | Element: Fire (Extinct)
  • Texas wolf: Canis lupus monstrabilis | Element: Fire (Extinct)
  • Kenai peninsula wolf: Canis lupus alces | Element: Water (Extinct)
  • Newfoundland wolf: Canis lupus beothucus | Element: Earth (Extinct)
  • Bernard’s wolf: Canis lupus bernardi  | Element: Water (Extinct)
  • Cascade mountain wolf: Canis lupus fuscus | Element: Earth (Extinct)
  • Manitoba wolf: Canis lupus griseoalbus | Element: Earth (Extinct)
  • Hokkaidō wolf: Canis lupus hattai | Element: Fire (Extinct)
  • British Columbia wolf: Canis lupus comlumbianus | Element: Earth (Extinct)
  • Florida black wolf: Canis lupus floridanus  | Element: Water (Extinct)
  • Southern Rocky Mountains wolf: Canis lupus youngi | Element: Earth (Extinct)


  • Coywolf: Canis lupus X Canis latrans | Element: Earth
  • Wolfdogs: Canis lupus X Canis lupus familiaris | Element: Water

Red wolf: Canis rufus | Element: Earth

  • Florida Black Wolf: Canis rufus floridanus | Element: Water (Extinct)
  • Gregory’s wolf: Canis rufus gregoryi | Element: Earth  (Extinct)
  • Texas red wolf: Canis rufus rufus | Element: Fire

Ethiopian wolf: Canis simensis  | Element: Fire

  • Northern Ethiopian wolf: canis simensis simensis | Element: Fire
  • Southern Ethiopian wolf: canis simensis citernii | Element: Fire

Eastern Wolf: Canis lycaon | Element: Earth

African golden wolf: Canis anthus | Element: Fire

  • Algerian wolf: Canis anthus algirensis | Element: Fire
  • Senegalese wolf: Canis anthus anthus | Element: Fire
  • Serengeti wolf: Canis anthus bea | Element: Fire
  • Egyptian wolf Canis anthus lupaster | Element: Fire
  • Somali wolf Canis anthus riparius | Element: Fire
  • Variegated wolf: Canis anthus soudanicus | Element: Fire

Armbruster’s wolf: Canis armbrusteri | Element: Earth  (Extinct)

Canis edwardii: Canis edwardii | Element: Earth (Extinct)

Dire Wolf: Canis dirus | Element: Fire  (Extinct)

  • Canis dirus dirus | Element: Fire (Extinct)
  • Canis dirus guildayi | Element: Fire (Extinct)

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