Sun: Masculine, Ever-present, All-encompassing control, Confidence, Courage, Power, Vitality, Energy, Life, Ambition, Authority, Ego, Identity, Individuality, and Creation.

Mercury: Masculine, Intelligent, Understanding, Travel, Prudent, Crafty, Logic, Commerce, and Communicative.

Venus: Feminine, Love, Balance, Beauty, Fertility, Sexuality, Romance, Partnerships, Harmony, Attraction, Amorousness, Passion, Marriage, and Aesthetic.

Earth: Feminine, Nurturing, Growth, Grounded, Manifesting, and Community.

Moon: Feminine, Emotional, Unconscious mind, Mystery, Intuition, Reflection, Instinct, Psychic abilities, and Sensitivity. Water

Mars: Masculine, Aggressive, Powerful, Energy, Vigor, Initiative, Protection, Passion, War, Determination, and Action. Fire

Jupiter: Masculine, Abundance, Success, Belief, Growth, Travel, Expansion, Wealth, Luck, Philosophy, Religion, Science.

Saturn: Masculine, Stability, Structure, Limitation, Discipline, Control, Determined, Fixation, Justice, and Traditions

Uranus: Feminine, Self-Expression, Nonconformity, Inspiration, Change, Invention, and Revolution

Neptune: Feminine, Mysterious, Hidden, Intuition, Transcendence, Dreams, Psyche, and Mysticism.

Pluto: Feminine, Transformation, Death, Rebirth, Transformation, Hidden Power, Obsession, Magick, and Occult.

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