Well I’m going to out the place in which I live primarily so that I can record my understandings related to the spirit of the land in which I live, which is North Carolina, Forsyth County, Winston-Salem. I also thought this would be a good example of how to do this for yourself, or this could simply be used if you also live in the area.

Before Settlement:

The indigenous people of the land were named the cheraw people, which was the name given to them based upon one of their villages, and their real name was lost the time. The Cheraw people lived in the land of Winston-Salem. They eventually became extinct as a tribe, although some descendants survived as remnant peoples.


August Gottlieb Spangenberg founded the town of Salem in 1766 for the Moravian Church. The town was named Salem from “Shalom” meaning “Peace”, after the Canaanite city mentioned in the Book of Genesis.


In 1849 Land north of Salem was sold. The new town that resided there was known as “the county town”, or Salem until 1851 when it was named Winston for a local hero of the Revolutionary War that was named Joseph Winston.


The town of Winston-Salem was formed in 1913 from the merging of the two towns.

Winston-Salem is mild and equable in the aspect of climate primarily, because of its geological position, and its location being based in the northern hemisphere. Snows are frequently light, and fogs are frequent, especially during the summer. It is part of the Bible Belt, and the largest religion in the area is Christianity(53.6), and Islam (0.43%) is the second largest religion after Christianity, followed by Judaism (0.20%), Eastern religions (0.02%), and the other amount being marked down as other.

Winston-Salem’s drinking water is surface water-based, with water coming from both the Yadkin River, and from Salem Lake. Winston-Salem is also known to add chlorine to their water supply in order to purify it.

A watershed or river basin is the area of land from which rainfall drains to a single point, and the main watersheds in the area are the Yadkin River watershed, dan River watershed, Salem lake watershed, kernerersville lake watershed, lake brandt watershed, abbotts creek watershed, and randman lake. The Yadkin River watershed is the largest watershed in the area.


North of Winston-Salem are the ancient Sauratown Mountains, named for the Cheraw (Saura) people.
The Blue Ridge Mountains
The Appalachian Mountains
Pilot Mountain State Park
Hanging Rock State Park
Cold air comes from the north
I feel that the element of Earth is connected with the North.


The city of Greensboro
The North Atlantic Ocean
Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge where the population of red wolves live.
Salem Lake
I feel that the element of water is connected to the east.


The city of Charlotte
Uwharrie National Forest
Uwharrie Mountains
South Carolina
High Rock Lake
Badin Lake
I feel that the element of fire is connected to the South.


Cherokee national forest
Pisgah forest
Great Smoky Mountains
Brushy Mountains
Yadkin river
I feel that the element of air is connected to the West.


  1. How funny, I found your site..it resonates with me like no other…and now I find out that you and I are neighbors!!!! How cool is that???


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