Thoughtform creation is the act of bringing a thought-form into the world through focused energy, intention, and will.

Some practitioners have even seen it as unethical to create thoughtforms at all. This thought process being brought on by the fact that they believe there is no ethical justification for bringing an entity into the world, and that things such as loneliness, seeing if you can, to enact a purpose, or some other purpose is not a good enough reason for creating spiritual life. Some believe that the thoughtforms do not consent to existing, so it would be wrong to bring them into the world.

While other practitioners state that all thoughtforms are created for a purpose usually in some form of way that is self-conceited, and self-serving, but because there is no objective good, or bad your act of bringing it into the world for such a purpose would not need ethical justification. Some practitioners will also say that you do not need consent from the thought-form in order to go through with the process of creating it, because before the creation process the thought-form cannot give consent, and after the process it is irrelevant.

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