A lot of moral, and ethical dilemmas come up when creating, and working with thoughtforms. These are moral, and ethical dilemmas such as:

  • When you are done working with them should you destroy them, or let them be free?
  • Is it right to keep an entity that has some form of sentience, and free will bound to your control?
  • Do we even have to treat thoughtforms as we do other people, and entities?
  • Is it right for us to let our thoughtforms run around, and do whatever they want?
  • Is it right to go through the process of creating life if you’re going to take it away?
  • Do thoughtforms have any rights?
  • Is it right to sell thoughtforms?
  • Would it be right for you to date, or have sexual relations with your thoughtform?
  • Does the thought-forms well-being matter?
  • Is it wrong to force thoughtforms to perform a task?
  • Is thought form creation slavery?
  • Is it ethical to create thought forms?
  • Is it right to reprogram thought-forms?
  • Are thoughtforms sentient, and do they deserve rights?

All of these questions were collected from multiple places on the internet, and all appeared frequently in ethical debates on thought forms. All of these ethical, and moral questions can come up when working with thoughtforms, along with many others, and it is a good idea to see what you believe on the matter along with how other people see it.

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