This is an energy working technique where you run your fingers up, and down pathways along your body in order to help your energy flow to those places more smoothly. This will go through the process of helping you clear up blockages in your energy system and it can also be used in order to relax you through its gentle, and calming movements. You are going to want to guide the energy through your body in a very slow, and gentle manner, so that you will be able to work through the blockages in your energy pathways allowing your energy system to work more smoothly. I have found that this practice usually works better when your hand makes contact with your skin rather than hovering over your body, or going through clothing.

In order to begin doing this technique you are going to want to start from an energy center in which is used to bring energy into your body, whether that be your palm, sole, crown, or root energy center. Place one of your hands on this energy center and envision your hand beginning to Glow with your spiritual energy. You are also able to use two hands if you would like though I find it is easier to focus on where you are guiding the energy if you only use one. You could also go through the process of drawing a cleansing sigil upon your hand in order to help you out during this energy practice. Of course you would have to go through the process of charging, and activating it before you do the practice, but it could Supply much-needed power into the practice. Allow your hand to be empowered and to take in energy from the surrounding area in your body, while this is happening also focus on this energy, and will it to be something that is purifying, and cleansing. See it interacting with the energy center that you have began upon, and allow it to cleanse, and balance that energy center as your hand makes contact with it.

Once you feel that it is good, and clean begin moving your hand down to the other parts of your body by guiding it with a gentle touch along your skin. Stop upon all the energy centers in which you know, and allow your cleansing energy to clean, and allow it to make your pathways flow better as it goes. You will want to take your time, and you will want to go over pathways multiple times to make sure that you get them very clean, and really open them up. Take time to gently glide all over your body making sure that you do a thorough job, and address any problem areas you think you may have. When you feel the technique has been completed remove your hand from yourself, and visualize the energy dissipating from it, then you will be able to go on your way knowing the technique has been completed.

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