A dimension is a quantitative measurement that can communicate the position of a construct within a particular area of existence. Specific dimensions such as the 3rd, or 4th dimension uses the number to represent  minimal number of parameters needed to describe the space. These type of dimensional parameters would be things such as X, Y, Z, and time.

Examples of dimensions:

  • 1st Dimension
  • 2nd Dimension
  • 3rd Dimension
  • 4th Dimension
  • 5th Dimension

Planes Of Existences:

A plane of existence is a specific vibration of existence.

Examples of planes of existences:

  • Physical plane
  • Etheric plane
  • Astral plane
  • Mental plane
  • Causal plane

Realms or Worlds:

A realm also sometimes known as a world is an specific area of existence in which is usually the domain of a specific construct, or entity.

Examples of realms:

  • Fairy realms
  • The Elemental realms
  • The Spiritual realms
  • Hell
  • Heaven


A universe is a specific section of existence that consist of its own specific space-time continuum.

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