Your eyes emit, and receive energy, and because of this you are able to use your eyes in energy work as a very diverse, and interesting tool. Your eyes are always releasing, and receiving spiritual energy that can go through the process of affecting yourself, and the world around you. This may happen on a spiritual level but it can also be very physical, and mental, because of how your body, and mind is affected by specific visual stimuli.

Releasing energy from your eyes:

In order to do this all you must do is focus on the specific energies you would like to release, and move that energy up towards your eyes. Once in your eyes it is able to travel with your vision to its Target in order to affect it. You are going to want to program that energy before you send it out through your eyes with a specific intention in mind, if you do not program the energy it will simply go out as a neutral form, or the energy will be based off the emotions that you are presently feeling. Whenever your eyes are open they are always emitting spiritual energy in the direction of what you are looking at, which will always be able to go forth and effect what is in your field of vision.

Because of this you can actually send negative energy out accidentally towards other individuals, or you can even accidentally charge objects, so it is always a good idea to be mindful of how you are releasing the energy from your eyes. This energy is usually pretty subtle, but it can be picked up on. This can be used in order to send curses and/or blessings through your eyes to a specific target that you are able to see. if you are targeting a specific person it will also do well for you to lock your eyes with theirs for at least a second so that the energy that you were sending out will be able to be received consciously, or unconsciously by their eyes, and taken within their being.

Receiving energy through your eyes:

Receiving energy from your eyes is also done automatically and can be done anytime that your eyes are open. You are able to do it effectively if you choose to focus upon it, and you would be able to take those energies into your being. This way of receiving things could be used in order to bring certain energies into your life through the use of sigils, or other forms of visual spiritual objects. You are also able to use this in order to read people energetically through the taking in of their energies with your eyes. Your eyes are powerful gateways into the rest of your being, and because they are constantly receiving it is important that you do not take in too much negative energy and remain aware of what your eyes are taking in.

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