In magick the pentagram is a very powerful symbol. It is a symbol of power, protection, and connection to the five elements. The symbol can greatly empower your magical working, but the pentagram also has its inverted sibling that can also be used. These two symbols have metaphysical properties that may allow you to choose one or the other when it comes to using them in your practice. Both of these pentagrams also share some similar metaphysical properties that I will also place in a list.

The pentagram in general:

Power, Elements, Magick, Manifestation, Energy, Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Protection.

Upright pentagram:

Spirituality, Spiritual Manifestation, Divinity, Invocation, Banishment, Binding, Cleansing, Exorcism, Balance, Stability, Harmony, Healing, Life, Love, Communication, Psychic Empowerment, External, Fire, Air, and Yang.

Inverted pentagram:

Material, Physical Manifestation, Evocation, Curses, Personal Empowerment, Strength, Power, Grounding, Wealth, Fortune, Money, Death, Sexuality, Prosperity, The Individual, Internal, Passion, Desire, Ambition, Personal Success, Self-Love, Self-Improvement, Water, Earth, and Yin.

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