Day 1: Humble Beginnings

“The sun begins to set, and a new beginning takes hold, one that is born from the darkness.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We all had to begin somewhere. Some beginnings might be farther away than others, but it is still important to take a look at how we began our practice, and started walking down this path. How long have you been practicing for? Do you feel like that is a long time? Why did you start practicing, and what did you hope to gain from it? How old were you when you started practicing? What was your first exposure to magick, and when did you figure out that magick was a real thing? What was the first spell you casted?

Take time to think about the beginning of your practice, and remember how it felt to begin practicing.


I have been practicing for 9 years, almost 10 now which will be on the 31st of this month. I feel like I have been going for quite a long time, but not super long. I originally started practicing, because I felt a calling to it, which was brought upon me one night while I was sitting alone in my bed. I simply got this urge to start looking into spiritual, and occult things, so I started researching, and I haven’t stopped. I still to this day don’t know why I had a calling towards it, but it just feels right.

I was 13 originally when I started practicing, and now I am 23, and because of this it feels like my practice has matured with me. My first exposure to magick was through the research that I was doing. I came across the understandings of energy manipulation, and decided to give them a try to see if anything would happen, and to my surprise I was able to feel the energy between my hands when I made a ki ball, and because of this I thought there might actually be something to all of this, so I continued researching, and practicing. truthfully I do not remember the first spell I casted, but it probably had something to do with wolves.

Day 2: Nurturing Knowledge Of The Earth

“We are part of the cycle of life, we are fed by the plants, and animals of the earth, and one day they will feed upon us.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Being able to grow, learn, and experience are wonderful things of this path. We all set forth, and grasped knowledge from different sources learning what we needed to in the moment, so that we could continue walking our path. Where have you got a lot of your information from? Have you ever interacted with misinformation? Have you ever had a mentor, or been mentored by somebody? Would you ever think of mentoring? Which do you believe has better information books, or the internet? What is one piece of information you think every practitioner should know? Do you practice your craft daily?

Take time to think about where your information came from, and how it has allowed your to practice to grow, and evolve.


I got most of my information from online, especially in the early days in my practice. Eventually more, and more I turned to books to find better understandings of the certain occult, and esoteric subjects. A lot of my information online was also based around YouTube back in the day. I would have to say that books usually have better information though the internet is a very good resource, and if you know where to look it can be better than books.

I have interacted with misinformation a lot in the beginning of my practice. Back then I was unable to sort out Wiccan dogmatic information, and fluffy bunny information to actually find what was true, and reliable, especially because the first sites that popped up were things like

I have never had a mentor before though I always thought it would be interesting if I did have one. I have thought of mentoring other people before but I do not want the responsibility at least at this time, and I would like to become a lot more knowledgeable beforehand. Unless an apprentice who I absolutely know that I want to train, steps forward.

I believe the one piece of information that all practitioners should know is the models of magick. this will allow practitioners to understand the fundamentals of how magick is thought to work in multiple different systems at once. Not only allowing them to weed out things that would not work based on the fundamental information, but would also allow them to understand other people’s practices for better cooperation between practitioners, and their understandings.

As for practicing daily… I research for my practice daily, and do interact with it daily, but I do not go through the process of casting magic everyday, and I prefer to do it when I find it to be necessary.

Day 3: Majestic Creation

“These hands can destroy, but from the destruction they will create.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

One of our greatest abilities is to create. There is so much that you can set forth into the world, if you set your mind to it. What magickal things have you created? Do you have a book of shadows, or any other form of magical journal, or book? Have you ever created a servitor, tulpa, or any other form of thought-form? Do you create your own tailsmans, spells, and rituals? Have you ever thought about creating a new form of magick that doesn’t presently exist? Have you ever thought of creating a magickal school? Is there anything that you have wanted to create?

Take time to think about, and to be grateful for all the things that you have been able to create, and bring into the world.

Magickal things that I have created would be things such as my alphabet of desire the Ravens of antimony, and my alphabet of binding the 13 abominations. I have also created over 306 post on magick, and occultism, and over 1356 Sigils. I have also created 58 servitors that helped me out in my practice, and have created magical tools such as wands, staffs, runes, and tinctures, along with many other things. I have created my own spiritual philosophy of Viadescioism, and have created a lot of my own understanding surrounding magick, occultism, and spirituality.

I do go through the process of creating my own spells rituals, and talismans when I need them though I will usually prefer to use other people’s methods if the situation is nothing too special. I have also thought a lot about creating new forms of magick, and magickal practices that do not presently exist though I usually find myself adding to pre-existing knowledge using the understandings that I have. Such things as wolf magick, sigil magick, and servitor creation are places where I like to think of new ideas in order to improve the systems, and which we already have, especially because I’m very fond of these fields of study, and wish to see them grow.

I have also thought about creating a magickal school before, and I have wanted to name at the Source Tree Academy. It would be a place in which all magickal practitioners would be able to learn, grow, and experience different forms of occult & esoteric study. while also taking courses on philosophy, natural philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, and mathematics. And, maybe even language, who really knows.

“You must find the strength to continue on, for if you stop now you will surely die.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Even in the darkest of places, we find things that pushes forward. These things become connected to us, and we will bring them along on the journey. What element are you associated with? Have you ever stopped practicing your craft, and gone on a hiatus? What inspires you to continue on practicing? Is there anything that you are greatly associated with, or that you see as your aesthetic? What gives your practice meaning to you? Do you believe you would be the same without your path?

Take time to think about what empowers you, and pushes you forward along your path.

I am connected primarily to the water element. I found this element very empowering for its abilities to be calm, and powerful in different circumstances, along with keeping a certain feeling of mystery throughout its whole demeanor.
I have taken many hiatuses from my craft though I always do return. I take time off to clear my head and to think of what I want to move on to next. This is good because it allows me to relax, and to plan out my path before going down it. Though what inspires me to continue my practice is the calling I feel, and my interest to know what is right around the corner. I enjoy learning, and knowing all of these different things that the practice brings to me, and to have this understanding of how existence works.

I have greatly associated myself with the wolf, and it’s energies in which I used to identify myself, and to empower my practice. I also associate myself with sigils, antimony, ravens, philosophy, the color blue, the color purple, and the color black, along with some other things. What gives my practice meaning is the things that I learn, along with the people that I helped in their practice. My practice is pretty much based around the calling that I have to learn these things, and the use of the knowledge that I gained. I would definitely not be the same without my path, because I would not have certain experience, and understanding that truly make me, me.

Day 5: Change In The Wind

“Winds that howl like wolves, so powerful that it can push you off your path, and onto another one.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Change is a very important thing it allows us to evolve our practices, even though sometimes we may not be ready for it. From being on this path have any of your beliefs, and/or understandings changed, and how has it affected your life? Are you open to change, and do you believe change is necessary? How has the magickal community changed since you have been a part of it? Are you a traditional practitioner, or do you practice newer forms of magick such as pop culture magick, and tech magick, if so what has your experience been with these forms of magick? Is there anything that you used to believe in, that you don’t believe in now?

Take time to think about how you have changed from the time you were very young, and how you have grown for it.


From being on this path pretty much all my beliefs that I began my life with have changed. Definitely for the better and have expanded my awareness, and understanding towards certain subjects. From understandings of divinity to questions of morality, everything has changed. I am not very open to change unless it is completely my choice though I do find it necessary, and I am working on opening myself up to it.

The magickal Community has changed greatly since I’ve been a part of it. back when I first started it was very hard to find anyone even talking about these subjects much less practicing, but now everybody in their mothers doing it, and very openly in fact. Though the new community I found is a lot more drama full, and hard pressed on social issues rather than the understanding, and practicing of occult information. Along with a greater influx of people who would rather make up things, and play pretend rather than practice any form of magick, which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t drag down people who actually wanted to learn. Though the openness and acceptingness of the new community allows more people to interact , and learn magick, and occultism in a more open way.

I practice a mixture of older, and new forms of magick. Most of my practices are not super traditional, though they may draw upon traditional understandings. I will also practice newer forms of magick much like tech magick as long as the metaphysics for why we are doing it makes sense, and it is effective at manifesting what we would like.

There are so many things that I used to believe in that I don’t believe in now such as:

  • A single male deity
  • The threefold law
  • Male magick practitioners being known as warlocks
  • That magick must be done in one specific way
  • The understanding that everyone practiced magick the same way
  • That good, and evil exist
  • That satanism, voodoo and paganism were evil
  • That you need something besides practicing magick to be a witch
  • Voodoo and hoodoo being the same thing
  • The understanding of demons
  • The ideas of Western Karma
  • That anyone knows what they’re doing
  • Using the words realm, universe, plane of existence, and dimensions interchangeable
  • Heaven and Hell as described by Christianity
  • The understanding that magick works because you believed in it
  • The understand that Otherkin, and Therian aren’t human, but are in some way better than humans
  • That the world is going to be awakened in 2012
  • More elements than the 5 Western classic elements
  • and much, much more.

– Wolf Of Antimony

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