“Quiet your mind, and you will hear your true self truly speak.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Your instincts allow you to get insights into the world around you through your connection to your spiritual abilities. Do you have any psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or claircognizance? Are you empathic in any way, if so what has your experience been with it? Have you ever done any form of kinesis, or attempted any form of kinesis, if so how did it go? Do you ever have prophetic dreams, or visions? Do you do any form of energy work, or Reiki? Do you ever get déjà vu? Do you use any form of Divination in your practice, if so what is it, and how does it fit into your practice?

Take some time to focus on your psychic, and energetic abilities.


This is going to be a very short one, because I’m not that psychically inclined. I have okay clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, but it’s nothing really special, and takes a lot of effort before I can trigger it into a usable state. I am not empathic at all, and most of the time I have no idea what people are feeling. I also do not have prophetic dreams, or visions. I have attempted, and succeeded in minor forms of telekinesis, again nothing too special just like moving around paper. I do practice at both energy work and Reiki, and I also get deja vu quite a lot, and it lasts for like a minute.

The forms of divination that I use are:

  • Tarot
  • Oracle
  • Pendulum
  • Cartomancy
  • Bibliomancy
  • Stichomancy
  • And, probably more than I’m forgetting…

“Take time to observe the other animals of the forest, they will teach you things through their actions.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

If they fall help them up, and know that they will do the same. Lead by example you never know when someone will be looking up to you for inspiration. Is there anybody that you look up to, or admire? What is your favorite quality that can be found in people? Who is your favorite occult practitioner? What type of music gets you into a witchy mood? Is there a place you draw the inspiration for your craft from? In what type of environment do you think of your best ideas? What do you to inspire the witches that are just starting their practice? What does inspiration mean to you?

Take a look at how you can inspire others to do good work, and also work on finding something that can inspire you.


For this one I’m probably not going to answer all of the questions. Primarily, because I don’t admire anyone, and because I do not have a favorite occult practitioner. Usually more indie folk music gets me in the mood for me to practice my craft. This would be bands like of monster and men. that’s all I really got for this one. Rip…

“If you are comfortable in the shadows, and the light, you will truly have nothing to fear.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Do not hide from the unknown, or the darkness, but understand it, and you will grow to new heights. Are there aspects of yourself that you are hiding? What are your biggest fears? Do you have any small pet peeves that you know of? What do you believe your worst personality trait is, and why? Do you ever have doubts about your magickal practice? Have you ever done shadow work, if so what was your experience with it? If there was a dark version of you what would they be like? What would the perfect you be like?

Take time to think about all the shadowy aspects of yourself, and what you may be hiding in your subconscious.


There are aspects of myself that I do hide from others, and myself, because of this it would be hard for me to to recall these aspects, though I am able to feel them inside. My biggest fear has to be heights though that is closely followed by spiders, death, and nuclear war. My worst personality trait would have to be that I am easily discouraged, which gets in the way of me doing a lot of certain things. I have not done Shadow work yet, but I have been thinking about doing it.

I’m sure I have quite a lot of pet peeves, because I get frustrated quite easily, but the only one I can think of right now is when people use the word “yikes” in response to perceived unethical, or offensive behavior, actions, or speech. I don’t know why but it bothers the hell out of me.

I have a pretty good natural amount of doubt with my practice that keeps me nice, and grounded. It never gets super overwhelming, but it is just enough to make sure that I am still skeptical of certain things. this natural amount of doubt has really helped me not to fall into delusion or misinformation.

Day 14: The Broken Chains

“Run towards the horizon, and you will be free.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

At the end of the day this is your practice. It is personal to you, and nobody can take it away from you. Is there anything in your practice that nobody else does? Has your magickal practice ever been restricted? What kind of witch do you want to become? What are some magickal practices you want to start learning? Do you have any unpopular opinions? What does freedom mean to you?

Take time to be grateful for your freedom to practice your practice.


Freedom to me means being able to act, think, or feel whatever you want regardless of any other influences that may hinder this process. There are some things in my practice in which other practitioners do not do, though there are practitioners out there who do practice more closely to how I do. There are so many different practitioners, and ways of practicing that I can’t be sure that no one practices the way I do. My practice has been restricted before by my family though as I get older and move farther away from them this will most likely not be a problem, but because of it it allowed me to learn a lot of ways to practice magick in a concealed way.

The kind of witch that I would like to become is a practitioner that is skilled in multiple different practices, and traditions. One who is wise but still grounded and does not take their practice too seriously. One who can be a guide, and a protector to those who need it, while also being able to hand down wisdom to help others in their pursuits. A practitioner that is known for their connection to the wolf, and their magickal practice. one who can be traditional, and modern at the same time, and who does not belittle other people practices for being different. The magick that I also want to start learning are the understandings that come from Africa, especially ones based around Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and Benin, and that are connected to the Yoruba, or Igbo.

Day 15: Connection By Blood

“Your blood is powerful, like crimson fire that flows through you.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Your connection to your family can be very important depending on the practitioner, and is a bond that will be good to facilitate. Does your family know that you practice magick? How does your family feel about you practicing? Does any of your family members practice magick? Do you work with your ancestors, if so what has been your experience working with them? Are you connected with the land that you live on? Do you use blood in your practice, if so how? Do you practice a very cultural, and traditional path?

Take time to reflect on your relationship with your family, your ancestors, and the land.


My family knows that I do practice magick, and they absolutely hate it, and me for it. None of my family members are practitioners though they have been known to do certain occult practices and then explain them away such as yoga, astrology, essential oils, and forms of Christian magick, and divination. I have not began working with my ancestors, though my connection to them is getting better as I learn to connect with my birth family, and Africa. I am barely connected to the land in witch I live, though I am connected it to the dryads. I do sometimes use blood in my practice to charge sigils, and blood was a major part of the creating of the Ravens of antimony. I do not practice a very traditional or cultural path though I am beginning to connect my pass more with African traditions primarily Ifa.

– Wolf Of Antimony

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