“In solitude I learn to watch my own back, and become stronger for it, though it is a lonely existence.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

There are some things that you can only learn by yourself, and these things will find you when you are ready to learn them. Are you any form of divinekin, otherkin, fictionkin, or other form of alter-human, if so how has it impacted your life? Are you a multiple system, or do you have headmates, if so how has it impacted your life? Are you any form of energetic vampire, or sanguine vampire, if so what has your experience been with it? Are you a starseed, Indigo child, crystal child, and/or rainbow child, or any other form of spiritual psychic child. Have you found any of your past lives, what are they, and what have you learned from them?

Take time to look at yourself


I do not have any form of headmates, and I am not a vampire, starseed or any form of spiritual psychic child, though I identify as a wolf therian, and I believe this connection to be spiritual, psychological, and neurological in nature. The way that this has affected my life is it helped me to get into the occult, and also helped connect my craft more to the wolf. My shifts are not super intense, so they do not cause that bigger problems in my daily life. I have discovered some of my past lives, and I do believe my therianthropy is connected to one of my past lives. I have had a past life as a wolf, an American soldier in World War II who fought, and died in the invasion of Normandy, and a high official of Carthage before it gets taken over by the Romans in the third Punic War. I learned from these past lives a lot about history, and I learned that a lot of my spirit guides are connected to my past lives.

Day 17: Thoughts Of The Future

“Plan for the future, and it will one day be your present.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We will all become better practitioners as time goes on. There will always be more to learn, so go out, and learn as much as you can. What do you believe the next step on your path is? What type of practitioner do you want to be in 5 years? Do you believe you will raise your kids with the craft, if so how will you do so? How do you believe you will change in the future? How do you believe the magickal community will change in the future?

Think about your future, and what you can do to better it.


The next step on my path is to learn more about african forms of magick, philosophy, and spirituality, so that I will be able to learn from it. I hope in 5 years that I have expanded my practice into the territory of writing books, along with traveling around to religious, occult, and spiritual places to learn from those who inhabit those areas. I also hope to flush out my understandings of  my personal spiritual philosophy of Viadescioism to the point of it being its own solid understanding of spirituality. I believe in the future also that the magickal community will change by being more widely acceptable by people, and because of this will greatly open up to new practitioners of all kinds, because of the accessibility of the information. which will definitely make everything more interesting for good, and bad.

“If you treat the earth with kindness, it will treat you with kindness in return.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Helping others is an important thing inside, and outside the magickal community. In any form of way do you help other practitioners in the magical community? Is there anything that you provide the magickal community with such as spells, rituals, information, tarot spreads, or anything else that you can think of? Is it okay for new beginner witches to come ask you questions? Do you ever go, and ask other witches questions? What advice would you have given yourself when you first started out on this path? What would you say are the essentials to beginning witchcraft?

Take time to think about how you can better the community, and the people that are in it.


I like to believe that I do help practitioners in the magickal community by providing spells, rituals, techniques, sigils, tarot spreads, and other forms of information to practitioners who want to learn certain practices. It is always okay for beginner practitioners to come ask me questions, if they would like to know anything about the practice of magick, or my practice in general. I am always open for questions. They sometimes go and ask for advice from other practitioners, but there are not a lot of practitioners that I look up, or I would feel okay with asking questions to. The advice that I would give myself when I was first started out on this path would be to steer clear of spellsofmagic.com, and to focus more closely on sigils, servitor creation, energy work, and Spirit of the Wolf, because these understandings will take you far.

The essentials to beginning witchcraft for me would be:

  • Understanding the laws of magick, and Hermetic principles of the kybalion
  • Understanding spiritual energy
  • Visualization
  • Centering
  • Grounding
  • A form of protection like circle casting
  • Meditation

“Every piece of you is important, cherish everything, and it will never let you down.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Some pieces of yourself you will take for granted, but you must remember that they are still an important part of you. Do you have a magickal name? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite animal? What is your zodiac signs? What’s your favourite phase of the moon? What is your favourite way to perform magick? What is your favorite magical tool? What is your favorite crystal? What is your favorite herb? What are your lucky numbers? What is your favorite myth, legend, or folktale? Do you have any other favorites, or things that are a part of you?

Take time, and think about the parts of you that usually go unnoticed.


My magickal name is Phelan Sage Lunagenus. I do not use it that much, and much more prefer to go by thewolf of antimony. My favorite color is a celeste blue, and my favorite animal is clearly the wolf, closely followed by the dik dik. My zodiac sign is Pisces, and my favorite phase of the moon is the full moon. My favorite way to perform magick is through the activation of sigils, and my favorite magical tool is the staff. My favorite crystal is fluorite, and my favorite herb is aloe vera. My lucky numbers are 44, 444, 114568, 17, and 34, and my favorite legend at probably has to do with fenrir.

“Focus, and you will be able to see the Universe dance with itself.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Align your balance, and become steady, and grounded. Do you believe in masculine, and feminine energies, or the concept of Yin, and Yang? Do you use the terms black, white, and gray witch, and do you consider yourself to be one? Are you more comfortable in chaos, or order? Are you more comfortable working with fire, or water? Are you more comfortable working with earth, or air? Is your practice on the lighter side, or the darker side? Do you work with aspects of the God, and the goddess, which one do you work with more?

Take time to think of the dualism in the universe.


Yes I do use the understandings of masculine, and feminine energy in my practice, and I do see these is a dualistic nature of existence. I do not use the terms black, white, and gray witch because of the subjectiveness of these categorizations. I am much more comfortable in order, than chaos, and I would rather work with water than fire. I would also rather work with earth than air, and my practice is definitely on the lighter side, and does not have any form of dark aesthetic to it. I work with both aspects of the god, and goddess, though I do work with the god more.

–  Wolf Of Antimony

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