Day 21: The Hold Of The Universe

“We are all connected, and we are one thing experiencing a multitude of different realities.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We all have our own understanding of what connects us. Do you believe in astrology or use it in your practice? Do you have a concept of spiritual energy? Do you believe everything has a spirit? Do you believe in the soul, and what do you believe it is? Do you believe in the concept of collective consciousness? Do you believe in parallel universes, and other dimensions? Do you believe in higher planes of existences, and what are your names for them? What are your definitions of a dimension, a plane of existence, a realm, and a universe? What do you believe the highest form of existence an entity can experience is?

Take time to think about the universe and how it is connected together, and what role you might play in all of it.


I do believe in astrology, and do use it in my practice primarily through the act of figuring out how the planets affect certain people. I also have a concept of spiritual energy, and I also believe that everything has a spirits. I do believe in the soul, and I see the soul as a amalgamation of all the things that make up an individual such as the mind, body, and spirit, and separates them from the rest of  existence. I do believe in the concept of collective consciousness, and do believe that our minds interact with each other in subtle ways. I do believe in universes, dimensions, and planes of existences. The names that I use for all of the planes of existences which I recognized ten are the physical plane, the etheric plane, the astral plane, the mental plane, the causal plane, the akashic plane, the buddhic plane, the atmic plane, the monadic plane, and the adi plane. Dimensions are differences in the number of perspectives, planes of existences are differences in vibrational frequency, realms are differences in space, and universes are differences in being. I believe the highest form of existence an individual entity can achieve is the Casual plane of existence where the higher self resides.

“Learn the ins-and-outs of the microcosm, and you will understand the macrocosm.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Sometimes pragmatism is all a practitioner can count on, because when it works, it works. When something works, do we need to know how it works? How do you believe magick works? Do different forms of magick work differently? Can something even be true, if it doesn’t work?

Take time to be grateful for your practice, and that it works for you.


We do not need to know how something works in order to use it, though it can be even more useful if we know how it works. I believe magick works through a combination of spiritual, physical, and mental natural forces an individual puts into play in order to manifest their desire through their will and intention. I do not believe different forms of magick work in different ways. They all work on the same fundamental understandings interpreted by different types of practitioners.

“They watch from the forest, learning all that they can?” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Curiosity is what allows us to go searching, it all depends on where it will lead you. Is there anything that you don’t understand that you would like to understand? Is there anything that you are wondering about, or have questions about? Was there anything that you learned that was hard to wrap your mind around it first? Has your practice, become less confusing now that you know more?

Take time to become curious in new things.


My practice has definitely become a lot less confusing now that I know what I’m doing to an extent. I would primarily like to understand more about renaissance related magick, Traditional African spirituality, and the understandings from traditional witchcraft. It was really hard for me to wrap my mind around pop culture magick, emoji spells, and other forms of modern magick.

“Allow your shield to defend you, until you are able to get in a hit with your sword.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

At times one must learn to put up defenses, and to fight if they have to. What type of protection methods do you use? Do you think it is necessary to cast a circle when you do spell work or any magical working? What type of cleansing methods do you use? What type of banishing methods do you use? Have you ever had to banish an entity? Have you ever cursed anyone? Have you ever been cursed? When do you believe it is okay to attack someone with magick?

Take time to think about your defense, and your offense.


What are used for protection is various different forms of circle casting, protective sigils, and protective servitors. I think it is necessary to always cast some form of protection when you do spell work, or any magical working but it does not have to be a circle. Just something to protect yourself while you go through your magickal practice. I usually cleanse with herbs and crystals, but I also prefer energy cleansing, and clap cleansing. I usually performed banishment through the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, or energetic banishing. I have banished a couple entities in my time, mostly shadow people though. I have cursed people before, and I’ve never been cursed. I believe it would be okay to attack someone with magick, when it would be okay to attack them physically.

“Your soul is like a fire that is turned up to 11.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

By looking inside you will be able to see, what usually remains hidden. What is the biggest thing you were able to achieve through your practice? Do any of you have a mental illness, and how does it affect your magick practice? Would you ever give up on this path that you are walking? What are you passionate about? What do you seek to have control over? What does your energy feel like? What do you know a lot about?

Take time to look at yourself, and do you like what you see?


I have depression, and anxiety, along with some other things, and my energy is sometimes chaotic, and is sometimes orderly, much like a flowing river. I do not believe you will ever give up my path, and don’t believe I would ever want to. I know a lot about video games, philosophy, religion, and magick, because I am passionate about these things.

– Wolf Of Antimony

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