“We may be more than our bodies, but we are still physical.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

The physical world can help us interact with the spirit world, if we have the right tools for the job. Do you collect anything? What type of magickal items do you have? Do you have a shrine, or altar, if so tell me about it? What is the most money you have ever spent on a magickal item? How many books are magickal subjects do you own, and which one is your favorite? Do you own any holy books or religious scriptures? What is the most makeshift tool you’ve ever used in ritual?

Take time to appreciate the physical things that you have.


I have quite a collection of things including wolf related merchandise, and weapons. The magickal items that I have are things such as crystals, herbs, staffs, tarot cards, oracle cards, wand , sacred path in cards, mortars and pestles, and athames. Presently I do not have any altars, or shrines, and the most money that I have spent on a magical item is $200 for a life-size wolf statue housing for a servitor. I only own like 30 magickal books in the physical form, and I own like a hundred something digitally. It would be really hard to choose my favorite. I own a whole lot of Bibles, the Koran, Tao Te Ching, and the Book of Mormon, though I am looking to collect all the holy. The most makeshift tool that I ever used in ritual would have to be the runes that I created myself.

“The people that have come, and gone before you, live on inside of you.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

People have been shaping these practices for a long time, try to understand them, and their understanding. What is your opinion on Aleister Crowley? What is your opinion on John Dee, and Edward Kelly? What is your opinion on Gerald Gardner? What is your opinion on Nostradamus? What is your opinion on Peter J. Carroll? What is your opinion on Austin Osman Spare? What is your opinion on Silver RavenWolf? What is your opinion on Scott Cunningham? What is your opinion on Anton LaVey? Do you have any other opinions on any other practitioners?

Take time to think about other people who have inspired the craft before you.


My opinion on Aleister Crowley is that he was a jackass who influenced the occult so much that you can’t get away from him even if you wanted to. Some of his work is absolutely great other parts of his work are completely crazy. my opinion on Gerald Gardner is that he was a crazy old man that establish one of the biggest a occult religions. So he knew what he was doing, but he was also crazy at the same time. My opinion on Silver Ravenwolf is that she has pretty much no idea what she’s doing really doing, and her beliefs are wrapped up in wiccan dogma, and fake history. I don’t really have any other opinions of the other practitioners that were mentioned.

“She watches overhead, lighting up the night sky, while caring for her children of the shadows.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Our abilities allow us to walk between the worlds, and transcend planes of existences, and time, if we so choose to take advantage of it. Do you use meditation in your practice? Do you use mindfulness in your magickal practice? Can you astral project, or astral travel, if so tell me about it? Do you lucid dream, or Journey? Do you communicate with spirits, if so how do you do it? Have you ever invoked or evoked an entity?

Take time to transcend the realm, and walk between worlds.


How do you use meditation my practice but I should be using it more. I have also thought of incorporating mindfulness into my practice though I am still working on doing so. I am unable to astral project or astral travel, but do hope to figure it out in the future. I can lucid dream by accident and my primary form of meditation is Journey. I use Journeys in order to communicate with my Spirit guides to learn lessons. I usually communicate with Spirits through the clairs, but I also use divination. I have invoked and evoked an entites before. I do this in order to bring forth entities I wish to have communication with.

Day 29: The Running Of The Wolves

“You will have to use everything that you learned in order to keep up with the wolves when they run, only the strong will make it far.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Where do you believe your strength comes from? What keeps you determined? What would it take in order to break your willpower? Do you believe your body is healthy, and strong, why, or why not? Do you believe your mind is healthy and strong, why, or why not? Do you believe your spirit is healthy, and strong, why, or why not? Who can you trust to stand by you, and help you down your path? What do you believe threatens your path, if anything? How will you be stronger tomorrow?

Take some time to think about how strong you are.


Knowing that every day I grow, and learn fills me with determination. I believe that my strength comes from wanting to know more and to continue on my journey. I don’t believe it would take a lot in order to take down my willpower pretty much just minor inconveniences and other things, but to keep it down would be the hard part. I do not believe my mind, body, or spirit is particularly strong or healthy in any way. everyday I take strives to understand these aspects of and to better their health and strength, but as for right now it’s slowly deteriorate from self-infliction, society and through being, and it will probably be like this until I at learn to work with the flow. I will be stronger tomorrow because of my determination pressing on, and to figure out what I need to, and want to.

“The sun must come up eventually, and when it does the hunt will be over, and you will be stronger than the day before.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

It may be the end, but this is your new beginning. Did you enjoy this challenge? Did you learn something about yourself, or at least question something you knew? Is there any way that you believe this challenge could be improved? Do you have any final thoughts?

Take some time to rest, and recuperate after the challenge that you have completed.


I did enjoy doing the challenge, and it was a lot harder than I first anticipated even though I was like person to create this. I think they could probably be improved by asking questions in a more orderly fashion and by switching around some days in which certain questions are asked in order to fix the flow. I also feel like there should be some better questions on certain days, but I’ll probably think of those on later date, and make a version 2.

– Wolf of Antimony

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