Day 6: The Love Of The Pack

“One may not last long, if they stand alone, but with a group to watch their back, they will go on to do great things.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

There is strength in numbers, and we can accomplish great things when we work respectively with each other. What is your favorite part about the magickal community here on Tumblr? What is the worst thing about the magical community here on Tumblr? Are you part of any other form of magical Community, or group, and if not would you like to be? Are you a solitary practitioner? Do you believe it is more powerful to work in a group? Do you know your spirit guides? Do you have any spirit companions , if so tell me about your experience with them? Do you have an animal familiar, if so tell me about your experience with them? Are you a spirit spouse?

Take time, and think about all the wonderful connections you have made, and how they have allowed you to grow on your path.


My favorite part about the magickal tumblr community is that there are so many different people coming on here willing to share there practices, and understandings (for free) to anyone who will listen. We are pretty nice and understanding community overall even though every once in awhile we have a couple bad apples. I’m not really a part of any other magickal groups or communities besides the one I have made on discord, but Tumblr is definitely my main.

I am a solitary practitioner, and I have been since I started my practice. I do believe working in groups can make your magick more powerful, though I have not done a lot of it because of my situation, and environment.

I do have Spirit guides, and I have six of them. They help me out in my practice quite a lot, and I interact with them through journey meditation. I do not have any spirit companions, or animal familiars, and I’m not a spirit spouse. I also do not have any experiences with these things.

Day 7: The Spirit Of The Forest

“The one who does not go searching for truth will not find any, and they will believe whatever they are told.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We are all on our own journeys searching for our own personal meanings. We are spiritual, and powerful beings searching the far corners of the cosmos in hopes of discovering what we are looking for. What religion are you, if any? What type of witch do you consider yourself? Are there any deities that you worship, or work with? Where do you believe we go when we die? What do you think your purpose for living is? How can you be sure you know, what you know? Do you consider yourself to be spiritual, religious, or maybe even a combination of both? Do you believe there is such things as good, and evil, and if so what do you believe is good, and what do you believe is evil?

Take time to think about the meaning that you have given yourself, and how it fits into your practice, and life.


My religion is my own personal spiritual philosophy that I have created and been working on for quite a while now known as Viadescioism. This religion is made up of my own personal spiritual understandings combined with things that I have learned over the years, and I continue to add to it every time that I find something new that I want to incorporate into my religion. Because of my widespread belief, and understandings of multiple traditions, practices, and believes I consider myself to be an eclectic, and syncretic witch, though I do fit into more of the types. Personally I worship, and work with the archetypes of divinity as I have laid them out in Viadescioism, though I do work with any gods that specifically call out to me. I am also very fond of communicating with the orisha, when I have chances to, for more traditional practices. I consider myself to be a combination of both spirituality and religion.

My belief surrounding where we go when we die is based in the understanding of passing on to the next plane of existence, because of this I believe that you go to the etheric plane until you move on through the veil to the astral plane. Because of this I believe a lot of the afterlife realms are actually in the astral plane on one of the three levels of it with places like hell being lower, and places like heaven being higher.

My belief surrounding the purpose of life is that there is no purpose to life, and the individual who owns the life will make up their own unique meaning, so pretty much just existentialism.

You can’t be sure that you know, what you know. Nothing could be true, and it’s very hard to prove that’s something you know is actually true. When the only thing that you can prove to be true are axioms. Which is why I hold the understanding of contextualism, allowing things to be true within their certain contexts, and because of that we can prove things true through observation, and reasoning as long as we keep it in a mundane context, and do not drift into a higher philosophical understanding.

I do not believe in the concepts of “Good” and “Evil” primarily due to the subjectiveness of those beliefs.

Day 8: The Objective Mind

“The mind is the only thing we can truly know that is real, everything outside the mind is just a happy illusion.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

The mind is a very important part of our being, it allows us to perceive, and interact with the world around us. Would you rather live in a happy fantasy, or a true, but cruel reality? Is there anything unusual that you believe in? When does unverified personal gnosis (UPG), become Confirmed Gnosis (CG)? Do you use the spelling magick, or magic, and why? Do you believe science will ever prove the concept of magick? Do you believe science, and magick can work together? Do you believe magick has any objective qualities? Do you believe that there is a rational, and logical way to explain spirituality in magick? What would you do if you found out this was all mass hysteria, or simply the placebo effect, and nocebo effect?

Take time to look at your objectivity, and subjectivity your beliefs and practices.


I would rather live in a cruel reality, then a happy fantasy. This is because I feel that even if I am suffering in reality at least I am participating, and am able to act in the world to make the experience better for myself and others. If I’m living in a happy fantasy I’m not participating in the big overarching game, and am just pleasuring myself.

I spell magick with a “k” in order to differentiate it from stage magic, though magic is the traditional spelling. I feel that search volume-wise, and for documentation it is important to use the k, especially because stage magic, video games, card games and other RPGs have the usage of the word magic onlock which can make it very hard to find people that mean actual magick when searching online. It’s really primarily for clarification. The best way to spell magick anyways is Maajgyiequckx, because we really should get all the letters in there.

I believe one day signs will prove the understandings of magick to be correct in their own way, and because of that I know that science, and magick are compatible with each other. I believe magick works primarily on object of qualities, and can be measured and examined though we do not have the tools we need to do it in an objective manner. There are definitely rational, and logical ways to explain spirituality, and magick without explaining it away. If all of this turned out just to be mass hysteria, truly I would be surprised, though because of the practicality, and cultural significance of these practices I would probably continue to practice, because clearly there is something here if practitioners gets so much from it. My practice would just change, and evolve just like it does regardless.

Day 9: The Laws Of The Wild

“Things that do not follow the rules can be punished for it, things that try not to follow the laws learn quickly that they cannot change them.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Control creates order, and the lack of control leads to chaos. Having a good amount of control, and understanding in your practice allows it to flourish. Do you live by any code of ethics, or morals? How do you feel about cursing, are you for it, or against it, and why? How you feel about love spells, are you for it, or against it, and why? Do you believe there are certain magicks that shouldn’t be done? Do you believe that magick has any laws, or limitations? Are there any universal laws you believe in such as the Law of Attraction, Karma, or the Hermetic principles of the kybalion? Do you believe there’s anyone that can not practice Magick?

Take time to look at your morals, and ethics, and your understandings of what can be done.


I personally do not live by any establish code of ethics, and greatly believe in moral relativism. Personally with my own subjective understanding I believe it is perfectly fine to use cursing in some cases, and I believe it is okay to use love spells as long as they are general, and not directed towards a specific non willing person. there are probably some forms of magick I would say probably shouldn’t be practice, though I cannot think of them at this time.

I believe magick does have laws, and limitation that we work to understand in order to have control over these forces. These laws seem to be based on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of existence, and can perfectly coexist with everything science has found out this far. Because of this I do not see magick as a supernatural force, and see it as a natural process that is just not greatly understood. There are quite a lot of laws that I have found and used to understand magick, and the universe such laws as the Law of Attraction, and the law of karma, along with all the principles laid out in the kybalion.

I do not believe there is anyone who does not have the potential to go through the process of casting magick.

Day 10: The Wandering Wizard

“Sometimes you need a change of scenery, so that you can think more clearly.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Exploring, and experiencing new things will allow us to gain appreciation, and understanding of those things especially when it comes to magick, and witchcraft. What forms of magick have you studied, and practice? What are some forms of magick you do not believe should be explored? What are some of the most interesting things that you have ran into on your journey, so far? Have you ever changed traditions, or religions? In what type of environment do you feel the most witchy? Is there anything that you would want to experience that you haven’t been able to yet?

Take time to think about where you have explored, and where you might want to explore next.


I have studied a lot of different forms of magick such things as sigil magick, servitor creation, wolf magick, dragon magick, new age shamanic practices, reiki, crystal magick, color magick, summoning entities, energy work, meditation, and divination of various forms, along with many more things. I would really want to experience astral projection because I have not yet, and it seems really cool. I do not believe there are any forms of magic that should not be explored because anything can be learned from, and expanded upon to improve your practice, and understanding. Some of the most interesting things I have run into on my journey had to be other practitioners, and their practice, because they are all varied, and different, but all very beautiful, wise, and powerful.

As for my religion, I have changed religions before, I began as Christian, became pagan, then after that became a viadescioist.

I feel most witchy in nature based. Places like forest, plains, and beaches especially at night time. I’m not entirely sure why, I just feel like I’m connected to these spots, especially at that specific time of day.

– Wolf of Antimony

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