The wolf has so many different lessons to teach us that can help us improve our lives, and how we look at the world. The lessons of the wolf are connected to its metaphysical properties, and is what we can learn from the wolves as we work with them. These lessons do not have to be learned in order to work with wolf magick, but are inherently connected to the wolf.

The wolf teaching of community, and communication:

The wolf teachers an importance on community, and communication. By forming relationships, and communities with others you will be able to learn and grow as a person, while also helping the community to do the same. You will not only be part of one community, but you will reside in many of them. In all of these communities you will have a role to play, and by playing that role you will allow the rest of the machine to run smoothly, so that you can strengthen the whole of the community. These roles will not be imposed upon you but will be spots that are filled by willing participants.
Take time to communicate with the other people that are part of your community, so that you can understand them, and know them for who they are. By learning to understand, and respect the communities that you are a part of, you will allow them to run better, and more efficiently strengthening the community, and everyone in it. There is strength in numbers, and no one knows this better than the wolf, so take time, and learn, and communicate with the people around you.

The wolf teaching of instincts, and intuition:

Like the wolf you must learn to harness, and to trust your instincts, and intuition. These abilities are naturally inherent in everyone of us , and can provide knowledge outside your normal perception. Your instincts, and intention allow you to feel into situations, and to act upon insights in order to put you in the best possible position for the future. If you learn to focus on your gut instincts, and to read them like a book then you will be able to be aware of the signs the world is giving you, and we’ll be able to move out of the way of anything you do not resonate with.

The wolf teaching of freedom:

Freedom must be understood. As an individual you have the free will to do whatever it is you would like, but for everything you do there will be a consequence, and these consequences should be taken into consideration. Allow yourself to be free, but understand how you use that freedom.

The wolf teaching of loyalty:

Loyalty is something that is gained, but once it is, you will enter a sacred contract with the entity you are loyal to. One you must respect, and honor. For this does not make you submissive to the other, but an ally, and a friend with great bond. Be careful for who you give loyalty to, for it is not easily lost.

The wolf teaching of protection:

One must protect things that are important to it. A time will come when you find something you are willing to die for, and protect. You will want to watch this grow, and flourish under your protective eye, and do anything to make sure it is safe. Do not be afraid to protect things that are near, and dear to you.

The wolf teaching of death, and re-birth:

Death is a natural, and expected part of life, but most can’t help themselves of being afraid of it. Though all things will come to an end at one point, or another. It should be seen as a new beginning. For nothing truly dies, or is completely destroyed. It is simply reborn into something new. It’s a cycle that stretches on throughout time, and space, forever.

The wolf teaching of humbleness:

The wolf teaches us about humbleness. They teaches us to respect all walks of life, and to live selflessly in balance with ourselves, and the universe. Nobody is greater, or lesser than anyone else, for we all have our roles to play, and our paths to walk.

The wolf teaching of path-finding:

Everyone has their own unique path to walk. With all the skills the wolf has it is able to find where it is going, and the best path to take to reach its destination. It is smart, wise, intuitive, and instinctual, and will always be able to find its way. The wolf brings this understanding to us as well and can help us to also find our ways in the world.

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