Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 1 – Divination. Does it work? Would you use it? What do you think of those who do? Why?

Yes, divination does work. It works through interaction with an entity’s energy, a construct’s energy, or the universe is energy, and this energy will be interpreted by the divination method that you are using. Then this information will be able to be used, by you for spiritual insights. Yes, I would use it, and I do use it. It is a very important part of my magickal practice, and it is insanely helpful at times. I love people who do divination, and I think it’s a wonderful skill everyone should at least understand a bit of because of how helpful it can be.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 2 – What do you think magick actually is? What is the power, or force behind witchcraft?

Magick is the act of manifesting your will into the world through the use of intention, and spiritual energy. It is this spiritual energy that follows your intent in order to act upon your desire. This is done by this spiritual energy using your intention as a form of programming, so that it can go forth, and act upon that programing. This spiritual energy interacting with reality is what makes your desires come to fruition. It will do this through the manipulation of many different forces, acting in accordance with the other universal laws, interacting with entities, and energies, and by pushing anything that can get your desire to you into the universe around you. Magick is not only an art, but is also a science. It can take very exact fundamental movements at times, but can also be very creative, unique, and beautiful. You do not have to believe in magick for it to affect you, or for it to work in rational reality. It is already ever-present in all of our lives, and has always been working in the background even if we were not aware of it. It is the spiritual energy that vibrates through all of existence, and the intentions, and willpower of our individual minds that are the driving force for magick, and witchcraft.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 3 – How powerful do you believe magick to be, and why?

I believe that magick can be insanely powerful, and can do pretty much anything in theory, as long as it does not violate universal laws, or the laws of classical, and quantum physics. There must be a powerful enough intent in order to control, an adequate amount of spiritual energy that will be
capable enough in order to carry out the desire. Beside from what I mentioned I do not believe there is any other limitations to magick, and that It can do pretty much anything, if the requirements are met correctly.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 4 – What are your beliefs about ethics and morality? Do you think practicing witchcraft will change your views? If so, how?

I do not follow any particular form of ethical system, that is not opposed upon me by a governing group, or higher system that will result in negative consequences. So I follow the laws of my country, and how I should act according to standard society ethical paradigms. As for morals I personally just try to make sure everything is going “good” for everyone, and that me, and everyone is happy, in their own subjective regards, unless it interferes with somebody else’s happiness, or well-being, but then it will depend upon the situation. Morals are subjective, “Good”, and “Evil” do not exist, and the only laws that you can fully adhered too are the laws that cannot be broken. My views on these subjects have changed by practicing witchcraft, and I do feel I understand more about these understandings now for practicing, because of how I have interacted with them.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 5 – Do you plan to be open about witchcraft to people you know? Why or why not?

I do eventually plan to be a lot more open about my practice, once I find some people that are actually open-minded enough to accept it, and will not try to inconvenience me just because I follow a different path then they do. Every once in awhile you get some people you can tell flat out right, but others it isn’t worth the time of day to explain it to them, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

– The Wolf Of Antimony

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