Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 11 – What kind of witch do you believe you will become?

I believe that I will be come a witch that is knowledgeable in many different subjects. A witch who helps the new beginners in the Craft, and who documents learned knowledge, among many other things.

I’m hoping to understand a lot more about certain magickal subjects, and certain magical traditions, while also studying a lot more forms of philosophy, and epistemology in order to help push my mind into a more logical place. Hopefully I’m going to own a lot more magickal stuff, and be able to display it everywhere without fear of any of it being used against me. I hope to meet a lot more magickal practitioners that are passionate about what they are learning and want to continue to learn more. I hope my blog is at least a little bit of a bigger hub for information, so people can know me, and I can start communicating with them, and can form a nice community.

My biggest worry back in the day about practicing witchcraft was the fact that I was never sure if the information I was getting was correct, but that eventually subsided as I learned how magick works, higher metaphysical understandings, and better discernment skills. This was risky because I didn’t want to fall into delusion, or some other form of fantasies just because someone did not know what they were talking about. My only worry about practicing witchcraft now is the fact that others may not understand, or accept my practices which can be quite problematic at times. This is risky because it can pretty much ruined a lot of things if people don’t understand what I actually practice.

What excites me most about practicing witchcraft is getting to learn so many different, and new things. I love to learn about all of the stuff, and how it may be applied in someone’s life. The reward I get from this is knowledge, peace of mind, and understanding.

– The Wolf Of Antimony

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