I believe that all these traditions are wonderful, and beautiful, and all have their own understandings, and part of the greater understanding. These traditions have discovered so much information, and have set forth knowledge that practitioners will be able to draw upon, and used to better their practices in the world around them. All of these paradigms are incredibly advanced, and can bring great wisdom when they are looked at. These traditions hold a lot of our Base information and study into metaphysics, certain forms of philosophy, and the occult and esoteric subjects. I feel that the old traditions and information are still very good, and relevant, and should be looked at and understood especially before the creation of new systems, and paradigms.
Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 22 – Do you think that tradition is important in witchcraft? Why or why not?

I believe that tradition in witchcraft is as important as the person who practices that tradition wants it to be. Tradition keeps track of the past, and reminds us where we came from. It allows us to connect with the ancestors that practice the craft before us in such a way that practically invokes them into our practice. Tradition should stick around, but we should not be afraid to stray from such tradition. so that we can find what works for us, and may even improve what the tradition set out to accomplish. This way our practices can always be dynamic, so we can always keep the static understandings of the past, while improving it for the future.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 23 – What role do you think dreams play in magical life, if any? Why or why not?

I believe that dreams can play a very important part in somebody’s magickal practice. Dreams can be a place to learn things, do magick, communicate with spirits, and divine the universe. A practitioner could learn to lucid dream, and explore the Realms of their mind, and the etheric plane of existence. This can even lead to some form of astral travel, or astral projection, if you become skilled enough. Dreams can be used for fun, or just to refocus the mind like a good deep meditation allowing the practitioner to experience things they might not have experienced. I believe dreams have a lot of uses as long as the practitioner takes advantage of those uses.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 24 – Are you more aligned with chaos or order in terms of the Magick you have or will practice? What do you think Magick itself is more aligned with?

This is a very interesting question. I believe my practice in itself would have to be a lot more balanced than anything else. I do not try to lean too far to  the orderly side, and I try not to lean too far into the chaotic side. I believe that balance between these two energies will go a lot farther than just one of them. As for magick itself I believe it is a balance between both of them as well, and can go pretty much either way depending upon what is being needed at what times.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 25 – Curses. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?

Yes, curses do work very well, and are very good at spiritually attacking another entity or construct with negative energy. I would use curses, if I am inclined to. This would only be in very intense situations where I feel it is absolutely necessary. I don’t think positively, or negatively towards anyone that uses them it’s kind of just a natural thing for me, but I do believe that some people do use them way too often, then again I believe that is their prerogative.

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