Yes they do work, and I do use them in my practice. I believe that protection magic is a very important thing for everyone to know who is practicing witchcraft in any form. so that they can protect themselves from the things that they might run into on their Journey. blessings are also a very important thing to know, but are probably less imperative.

Yes, I have an affinity, and a connection with the wolf, and this connection has grown stronger through the practice of my craft. I feel like that the energies of the animal are very harmonic with my own. I do sometimes work the wolf into my practice but I have not found a good enough way, or created a good enough paradigm  to use it consistently. This connection may also come from the fact that I am a wolf Therianthrope, but I’m not entirely sure.

There probably is, but I have no information on it for sure. it would probably have to do with  how energy is transferred all around the planet, or somethinglike that. I have not studied Ley lines enough to talk on the subject.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 29 – What role does the archetype of death play in magick to you, if any? Why or why not?

The death archetype does not play a very big role in my practice. It is present, but only as an opposite to the life archetype. This is because I see the balance in everything, and I am a dualist. I believe it is present in magick, but almost as much as every other type of energy, and/or archetype.

I think that practicing magick in a group can be a very interesting experience that can teach somebody a lot. I think it gives everyone a chance to sort a bounce ideas off of each other and to work magic together. But, it is also perfectly fine to work solitary, and will usually allow you to adapt certain practices to suit your own needs. So both of them are perfectly fine, it’s just kind of what you prefer.

– The Wolf Of Antimony

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