Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 6 – What kind of belief system were you raised with? Do you feel it suits you, or are you making a change?

I was raised Lutheran Christian by my adopted mom, and adopted father, but it never really suited me, and I was never too interested in learning about any of those practices. So when I started along my path I made a switch to paganism, and other forms of religion, and belief systems.

My first memorable moment of being exposed to the concept of witchcraft was my mom telling me that in Haiti they practice black magick, witchcraft, and worship the devil, which was clearly bs, but I didn’t really look into it until I started practicing. How it influenced my practice was I decided to stay away from Haiti for a long time, but I eventually got over it, and learned more about, how the Haitians practice. If you’re wondering, she’s still an idiot…
Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge: Day 8 – Do you think you will work with or worship deities as part of your Craft? Why or why not?

I do not think I will be focusing on any particular deities the rest of my path, but that could always change. I’m not too good at keeping a connection with any deities, and I have also not found a deity that I would like to work with on a regular basis. Though I have worked with deities in the past, and I am grateful for their assistance.

The tipping point that convinced me that witchcraft was worth practicing was all of my own successes from practicing the craft. I first started out very slow doing more basic spells, and rituals, which ended up showing very good results, that drove me to continue searching up information on it. The things that influenced my desire to learn were my calling, my wanting to learn about supernatural things, and the success I got from those studies. I continue to learn more each day in order to extend my knowledge, and to advance my already wonderful practices.

The type of witch that I want to become is a witch that holds great knowledge on all things occult, and esoteric. I want to be a witch that is greatly associated with the community while also being able to help practitioners grow. I want to be the witch that people come to when they have problems where they know they can get help, and have a safe space to be. I want to be a witch that does not take everything too seriously, and can still have a lot of fun while also being very informative. I want to be a witch that has many great practices, and experiences that they can share with the world. I want to be the witch that doesn’t just understand the light, and order, but can also understand the darkness, and chaos. I want to be a witch who understands the old, but can also accept, and understand the new. I want to be the witch that accepts everybody regardless of anything. This is the type of witch I would like to be, and I feel that I am already on my way to achieving what I have set out to be.

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