Day 1 – What has been your most influential resource in your study of the Craft?

I would have to say the most influential resource in my study of the craft would be other practitioners. Through the act of other practitioners sharing their experiences, their practices, their thoughts, and their knowledge with me has allowed me to make breakthroughs in my own spiritual path, and has allowed me to learn, and interact with things I thought I would never be able to. By me asking them questions about how, why, and what they practice will usually release new spiritual insights that I can then use in my own practice. This allowed my gnosis to grow, and change from my interaction with their understandings. I was able to learn from them, and sometimes I believe they are able to learn from me, helping out everyone in what is usually some form of perfect mutualistic symbiotic relationship. This has also been good for discernment, and introspection, allowing me to sort of bounce ideas off of people, and to make sure that they work for me, and are rational, and logical, so that the inner parts of my mind don’t become an uncontested personal echo chamber for me to sit in, and to stopped me from falling into fantasy, or a form of delusion. I feel that this interaction is very important, and can help out all forms, and skill levels of practitioners, allowing them to learn from each other, and other people in the craft.

Day 2 – What’s the biggest error, or mistake that you feel you’ve made when working magick?

The answer for this question would be when I did not, or when I forget to center, ground, and/or protect myself. I know it sounds pretty basic, but I do feel that these practices are fundamentally important, and by forgetting, or not doing them in my magical practice at some points has affected my magick, and myself. The way that not centering, and grounding has affected my magical working is by using too much of my personal energy, which has led to energetic burnout. The way that not protecting myself has affected my magickal practice is by allowing certain energies, and certain entities to interact with me when I am not looking to interact with them, along with usually feeding me incorrect information, which would have to be thrown out later, or filed under “BS” in my brain. But, I did eventually learn how to use these practices, and I don’t usually forget to use them, so I usually don’t have a problem.

Day 3 – What are your views on cursing, hexing, and binding spells? Has your view changed throughout your journey? Why or why not?

I am absolutely fine with people using curses, hexes, jinxes, and bindings, and I’m even fine with using them myself. Though I do not believe every use of these practices is morally, or ethically right, and I also believe that a lot  of people jump way too quickly to using these practices. I think of the concepts of these practices as like owning a sword. You do have a right to learn how to use it, and to learn everything about it, but it is up to you to decide when you are going to pull it out, and use it against somebody else. You must also be ready to deal with the consequences of doing so, and should always expect someone else to also be ready to draw theirs to combat you. My views on the subject have changed over the years, and I used to believe it was never a good idea to do anything with curses, hexes, or jinxes, though bindings were still okay, and were seemed by me to be a morally grey area. This was because, I believed in the threefold law, and the pop culture version of karma, but I eventually threw out  the threefold law for being wiccan dogma, and I eventually learned what karma actually was from my studies into Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. These practices can still be dangerous though, and should be done with caution, and by a knowledgeable practitioner.

Day 4 – What do you wish you had known as a beginner?

I wish as a beginner I would have known:

  • Not to trust all information from any practitioner 100% flat out without checking the information, or at least knowing why, and how in order to form a rational decision on the authenticity of that information.
  • That karma is not divine judgement, and that the actual form of Karma makes a lot more sense.
  • That magick works by intent + energy = manifestation of Desire.
  • That “good” and “evil” do not exist, and that everything is neutral.
  • The magickal laws from Authentic Thaumaturgy: The Laws of Magic,  The seven hermetic principles of the kybalion, concept of yin, and yang, and any other form of universal laws.
  • That you can make your own spells, and rituals. (That actually took me a long time to figure out, like where did I even think they came from.)
  • That you can substitute things in spells, and rituals
  • That meditation is going to be a very important reoccurring skill.
  • That witch is a gender-neutral term, and that warlock means oathbreaker.
  • That Satanist aren’t inherently “bad”.
  • That demons aren’t inherently “bad”.
  • That the inverted pentagram isn’t inherently “bad”, and is used by a lot of different practitioners, not just Satanist
  • That’s a three-fold law is dogmatic to some Wiccan practitioners, and is not a universal law.
  • That most of the sources that you are going to run into are primarily going to be wiccan in a lot of the environments.
  • That belief can help your magick, but it is not required for magick.
  • That you don’t need actual candles in order to do magick.
  • That Christians can be witches, and practitioners of magick.
  • That there are easy ways to cast a circle.
  • That you can run low on personal spiritual energy, and experience energetic burnout.
  • And probably a lot more…

Day 5 – How long have you been practicing witchcraft and why do you think you kept at it?

I’ve been practicing for 8 years, and I have learned a lot from what I have practiced. I think I sticked with it due to the fact that it works so well, and I had such wonderful results from my time practicing.

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