Day 6 – What was the most intense or effective magickal experience of your life?

It would have to be when I created my alphabet of Desire, The Ravens of antimony. It was one of my most planned out rituals, and it is one of the only rituals I use blood in. There was also a full moon that night, and you could just feel the magickal energy in the air. It also took about two hours to do, and was a long spiritual experience of crafting each raven with meticulous detail, allowing them to be their own special unique servitors selves. Then for the next couple of days tending to them, and strengthening their energies, so that they would be able to help me, and my practice, and they still are called upon to do good work, and I still get some of my best results when the ravens of antimony are involved.

Day 7 – Have you explored other magical traditions alongside witchcraft? Do these influence your practices?

Yes I have looked into other magickal traditions, and I am eclectic, and syncretic, so the influence my practice when they are needed, and all hold their own spiritual truths. These are such practices as Reiki, Kuji-in, Kuji-Kiri, Taoism, Tantra, Chaos magick, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, New Age Spiritualism, and Hoodoo, along was some other things I’m probably forgetting.

Day 8 – Do you have a connection to a deity, pantheon, or certain aspect of the universe? How did this connection happen?

I am not connected to any deity, pantheon, or certain aspect of the universe at least I don’t think so. Atleast I really don’t think except maybe wolves, and antimony, I guess. If that counts as aspects of the universe, and I’m not too sure why I’m connected to them exactly. As for wolves It might be because I’m a therianthrope, and I like connecting to the energies of those beings. As for antimony I think I’m connected to it, because it is connected to the more animalistic side of humanity (Also wolves), and is also connected to higher energy vibrations.

Day 9 – Have your views on how magick works changed in any significant way over the years?

Yes my views on how magick works has changed over the years. This is primarily, because I was uninterested to learn how magick worked in the beginning, and I used to never be able to find any reliable information on how it worked. As I learned more, and more, and gain even more knowledge on many different fields of magick, and the occult I gained a much more solid understanding of magick. This allowed My views to grow, change, and evolve into this.

Day 10 – Do you feel that practicing witchcraft has influenced your personal approach to ethics?

Yes, I do believe that practicing witchcraft has influenced my personal approach to ethics. I believe I understand a lot more about ethics now that I’ve been practicing for a while. I can also see now why people practice certain ethics, and why certain ethics are good from certain standpoints. It is also changed up my own understanding of ethics I choose to follow, along with the ones I have to follow. All of these understanding changes though have been for the better.

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