Day 11 – What are your views about the “big questions” in life, like why we’re here, where we’re going, and where we come from? Have they changed since beginning your magical practice?

Yes, the big questions have changed since I began my practice. The answers I came up with were originally a lot more simple, but now I feel they are a little bit more complex, and philosophical. I feel that this is due to my growth, and understanding of more complex philosophical and metaphysical understandings. I know I’m still probably not very close to figuring out any of these, but I know my understanding of them will grow as I learn more.

Day 12 – Has practicing witchcraft changed your view on how the Universe works? Why or why not?

Practicing witchcraft has changed my view on how  the Universe works. it has done this by allowing me to see the world from different angles and perspectives I probably wouldn’t of seen, if I was not practicing. The understandings of different types of cosmologies from many different perspectives of different practitioners has contributed to this, and has allowed my worldview to change over time helping it evolved from what was simple to something a lot more complex. I don’t believe I would have ever found this if it was not for witchcraft, and my study into the occult, other religions, and practices.

Day 13 – What is your primary magickal focus right now? What are your favorite subjects that you’ve studied in the past?

My primary focus in magick right now is to study more forms of theurgy, and other forms of ceremonial magick. My favorite subjects that I have studied in the past have been my studies into unverified personal gnosis, and other forms of gnosis, sigil magick, thought-form creation, and universal laws. I find all these subjects very interesting and useful to my practice, and I enjoy studying them.

Day 14 – Is there any aspect of the Craft that you considered but ultimately didn’t pursue? Why or why not?

I thought about pursuing a more hoodoo, and voodoo path, but I could never really get into it. I didn’t pursue it because there is a very high barrier-to-entry, and I don’t know any practitioners of the craft. Though I do know a little bit about it, I don’t think it’s a path I will ever quite be on.

Day 15 – What has been your experience with the magical community thus far? What was good about it, and what was bad?

My experience in the magickal community has been good so far. The good things that I have experienced about the community have outweighed the bad things. The good things about the community are that it is a wonderful place to come together, and share information, and different knowledge of occult and esoteric things. It is also a great place to meet people that are very open-minded, and accepting. it can be very informative for beginners, and very inspiring for more experienced practitioners. The only bad things I have experienced about the community is a lot of random misinformation, pointless discourse, same topics being argued about instead of disgust, people not understanding other people’s practices, and probably a couple other things I’m forgetting about, but besides that it’s pretty fine.

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