Day 16 – What are your views on paranormal phenomena besides  witchcraft? How do you feel about things like ghosts, hauntings, and ESP?

I believe in alot of paranormal phenomenon. I believe in ghosts, hauntings, and esp, and I believe that they are probably pretty much on the same premise as witchcraft, or at least connected to it.

Day 17 -What has been your experience with divination? Do you think it is accurate?

I have had a pretty good experience with divination, and I practice quite a lot of different types of divination, such as tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, runes, dowsing rods and many others. Yes I do believe that divination can be done very accurately depending upon many different factors. usually depending on how the divination is done, the practitioner doing it, and what is done with the information after the divination is complete. Divination has been a very useful skill to have around, and can be very helpful, if the right questions are asked.

Day 18 – Do you keep a Book of Shadows or grimoire? What form does it take, and why?

I no longer keep a book of shadows, or grimoire. I used to back when I first started, but now a lot of the times in order to organize information I will write blog post, and whatnot. So I guess my blog is technically my Book of Shadows or grimoire. I will probably get a more formal BOS eventually after I figure out a good way to organize it, and I have a lot of free time. I just want to make sure I have all my understandings in order before I begin the designing process.

Day 19 – Have there been any major turning points in your time within the Craft? What were they like?

I can only think of two major turning points in my craft.

The first one would have to be when I figured out more on how exactly magick worked on a more fundamental level, so I could figure out more on what could be done with it, and what could not be done with it. This allowed me not to get suckered into more fluffy practices, or things that weren’t more objectively true in a magickal sense. it allowed me to understand more about these truths, and how these truths actually work, rather than just bumping around in the dark for constructs that would work simply based on pragmatism, or would not work at all, but were just believed to work. if that makes any sense, probably doesn’t.

The second one would have to be when I joined Tumblr. This gave me a space in order to run ideas off of people, and to learn more about individuals practices, beliefs, and understandings. Which has been incredibly helpful in facilitating a very interesting understanding of overall practices, understandings, and beliefs that are more present in these communities which I can draw from, and use in order to learn more about certain things. Which ended up changing my practice quite a lot because of all the things that I was learning, and how I could incorporate them into my own path.

Day 20 – If you could change one thing (large or small) about the way magick works, what would it be and why?

The change I would make would be to make it, so that manifestation happens in a direct way, so that when you manifest something, or send out the desire for something to be manifested it gets back to you in like a minute every single time. I just think that would be a very interesting dynamic especially because of how subtle actual manifestation can be.

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