Day 20 – If you could change one thing (large or small) about the way magick works, what would it be and why?

The change I would make would be to make it, so that manifestation happens in a direct way, so that when you manifest something, or send out the desire for something to be manifested it gets back to you in like a minute every single time. I just think that would be a very interesting dynamic especially because of how subtle actual manifestation can be.

Day 21 – Do you have a spiritual or physical familiar? Why or why not?

I have never had a familiar, and I really don’t plan to get one. I don’t know why I’m just not doing too familiar, or maybe I am in the definition of familiar I have is not correct. Either way rip me.

Day 22 – Have you ever felt “stuck” or “lost” in your practice? If so, how did you overcome that?

I actually get stuck, or loss in my practice quite regularly. It will usually pass after a certain amount of time, or after you take the next step on your path. In my experience this is usually the Universe telling me that it’s almost time to learn something new, and to begin a new journey. These moments can feel uncomfortable in the very beginning, but as you learn to deal with them you will eventually learn how to ease through them. You will be stronger for coming out on the other side, and may even learn something while you are there.

Day 23 – Do you feel that your way of interacting with others has changed during your journey? If so, how?

my interactions with others has changed from being on my journey. the way my interactions have changed with others is that I am now a lot more interested in their spiritual beliefs, practices, and understandings. I love to hear about how they got to where they are, and where they believe they are going. I love to listen to their stories, philosophies. and principles. and learn and use what they have given me to understand my own path, and the paths of others. I believe I learned a lot more from other people now than I ever have one I was not on my journey.

Times where I was unsure of continuing my practice was more at the beginning of my journey. It was back when I thought I could not trust myself on what I was experiencing, and I had no logical basis for what was actually going on. As I learned more and got more advanced into my practice, and understandings less I felt unsure of my practice.  I try to never trust completely in my practice, so that I do not become stuck in a specific way of static thinking, and become delusional. I believe a good bit of healthy philosophical skepticism will help keep me grounded, and will allow me to understand a lot more in the end.

Day 25 – Have you had any frightening or upsetting experiences while practicing witchcraft? If so, what were they like?


As to my knowledge I do not remember any frightening or upsetting experiences while practicing witchcraft. my experiences have been going pretty okay so far, and I cannot recollect a time in which it was not going like that.

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