Day 26 – What kind of witch do you identify as (if anything specific)?

The type of witch that I identify as is a new age, syncretic, eclectic, semi-secular, neo-pagan, spiritualist, pantheist, ominist, monist, dualist, polytheist; witch for lack of a better term.

Day 27 – What kind of witch do you hope to be in the future?

I hope to be a type of witch that knows a lot about the practice, multiple different traditions, and pretty much every type of philosophy that is pretty well known. I want to be knowledgeable, while being incredibly helpful, but we’ll see how that goes in the future.

Day 28 -What’s your favorite magical practice and why?

My favorite magickal practice would have to be sigil craft. This is because sigils can be used in so many different situations, and are relatively easy to make. this makes them good for beginners, and experts all at the same time, while being a practice than anyone can get into. The sigils people create are usually also very beautiful and artistic giving a very good aesthetic to the entire thing also. this is probably why it makes the top of my list as my favorite magickal practice.

Day 29 – Do you feel as if witchcraft has significantly changed you as a person?

Yes, definitely! Ever since I started my path it is changed me for the better, and I do not believe I would be the same person I am right now, if I did not learn what I did learn.

Day 30 – What advice do you have for beginner witches?

The advice I would have for beginner witches is:

  • Take it slow you have a lot to learn, and you got a lot of time to do it. You don’t have to jump in so suddenly, and learn everything.
  • Do not just trust a practitioner, because they are a practitioner. go, and check, and make sure the information that they give you is true, and that it works for you.
  • take time to learn the fundamentals of magick they will help you later in your practice.
  • Learn cleansing, protection, and banishing spells, or rituals as early in your practice as you can. This will keep you safe in case something goes wrong, or bad.
  • Do not do anything that you believe you are not ready to handle. Take time, and work up to the harder more advanced things.
  • Do not summon anything that you believe you cannot put back.
  • Respect other people’s practices, and hopefully they will respect yours.
  • Learn from other practitioners a lot of them are willing to help you as long as you ask.
  •  if you send out curses make sure that you are ready for a fight you never know if that person could end up sending it back at you.
  • You do not need a lot of fancy things in order to do magick all you need is intent, and energy to send your desire out into the universe.

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