Sometimes your path is not clear. There will be obstacles, barriers, and even distractions blocking you from what you are destined to do, but no matter how hard they try you are destined to do it. Inertia, procrastination, and lethargy can only hold you for so long, and will eventually be broken like chains that are holding back your wings. Unless truly you do not want to be free of them. All you need to do to deal with these ailments is to take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at the situation from a different point of view. If the problem lies with an over amount of ideas, or options you should feel into your intuition. It will choose the right option every time even if you’re not aware of it. That lack of drive you may be feeling may just be you telling yourself to relax, and take it easy. Listen to yourself for you will never lead yourself astray. For you are not stuck, but you are transitioning into the very next part of your path. Your drive will come, and your drive will go. For even it is on a cycle.

The magickal Solutions that could  help you out of inertia, procrastination, and lethargy are as easy as making a sigil for it, invoking the element of fire for creativity, and high energy, or even sitting down, and just meditating for a bit. For this feeling will always come, and go. I assure you it will always pass as fast as it came.


  1. Thank you for sharing Wolf of Antimony. Your knowledge is always very helpful and you are the greatest maker of Sigils on this planet.


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