From what I understand readings show the fate of the future from the point in which an individual is presently at, and it has the likelihood to change based based upon different variables set forth by will. Simply by just knowing your future, or getting the reading in the first place can change your fate, due to the fact that you have introduced a new variable into the working that an individual would be able to use to influence their will. So choosing to do something different, or changing something even very slightly can have very interesting, and expansive effects on the future, and can result in you being pushed down new paths of fate. By simply doing divination for a situation can allow that situation to change as long as that information impacts the will of an individual who is, will, or would have interacted with such a situation. Readings can show you the path that you are headed, but it is your choice, and the choice of the things around you that determine if you walk that path, or not.

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