[Just some opinions or understandings gained from my practice so far! Please take what you will or discard anything that does not resonate with you]

● You are always on your path 
•In many ways you are creating it, guided along it, and being a witness of it at all times. But its always right there, right now, beneath your feet. You are never off of it. However in a moment you may be/feel more connected than not. Check in every once in awhile. Take note and acknowledge where you are. Reconnect, revise, revisit. It may prove valuable. And know you are always on it.

 It is important to honor yourself 
• Honoring yourself, to me can mean different things. Its more about having kindness and respect for yourself in all your relationships. Relationships can be those within and outside of you– with thoughts, with entities, situations, places, conditions and limitations. Its a practice to learn to how to honor yourself, to respect and give yourself kindness as you exist through whatever you exist through. Its about approachibg yourself, your beingness with understanding. Understanding where your coming from, where you want to go and why or how you do things. Not bashing yourself when you make mistakes, come up against your sensitivities, or become hurt. Not even bashing yourself when you reach your tendency to bash yourself. You have many conditions inside you, your mental and physical capacity and boundaries are what they are. Some you can change, others you cannot. You may create a space for yourself to move with supportive ease or resentment about them. You have choices, and pre-practiced habits that move you. Its important to understand that, and learn how to handle all that you are right now with kindness.

● Things are ever evolving and changing 
•Always. And so you will sometimes grow without realizing, or things may grow around you and it may dawn on you that things are different. It may feel uncomfortable, it may be just what you needed. It may feel better or worse, and you can always work with that. In active presence or resting within, or watching and responding in kind. We, experiencing this human life have a tendency to try to keep things the same, as if they are and would not be pristine otherwise. “Everything stays but are alwsys changing in little ways.” As we gain age, and presepective, and new relationships with people or items or internal understandings they all shift. This evolution, is beautiful to me, and brings us through phases and understandings and life lessons. It offer us opportunity to recognize that we contribute and create to the evolution of all, passively and actively, simply by being and making choices. Allowing change to sweep over us, while helping ourselves to regain comfort and steadiness, is a precarious experience.

– Flae

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