Concept: You are all special beings. Do you know that? You belong to this universe in a vastly peculiar way that only you, and all that you are could ever truely really know. Others may deeply partake and share the knowledge of you. Yet, you are a personal experience… and you are to be honored. Exactly as you are. Not all may agree with this, but that is fine. Despite/in light of your place, and the pace of your chore, of the people and circumstances that surround you, you are on a path or in a way that is full of choices, and full of habits, and full of options. There is a direction you exist in, and you are constantly in the making of it, not alone, in the shifting culmination of it, wholly connected. You are making choices, you are being guided softly, whether low on spoons or high on life. Please take care, in whatever way best suits you. You are good, whatever good means to you. Touch your heart sometimes. There is nothing you have to do. Just be you. I mean it. Just be you. If only for a moment.

– Flae


  1. We all need to think about our contribution to changing the world. We all have something to offer. I’m grateful for your sigils. I believe they are and will work. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with everyone. Thank you for giving me a valuable tool for change, transformation and protection in my time of need.  Thank you from my heart. Please send me the index of your sigils again. I had trouble accessing last time and I lost the page. I have your sigils all over my walls, everywhere!  They are very beautiful to look at. I am dearly thankful for your contribution. Together we ARE creating a free and unlimited world, everything we do for each other out of non profit service, helps the next steps to occur for our evolution and freedom. Yours Truly, The Great Light.

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