Your practice is absolutely what you make of it, friends. Whether you start from the top down or bottom up, it’s all you, a path for you to stumble upon and regain footing on, and cascade in interest and wonder through. Be mindful of your work, the way you move is important to be aware of. The foundations you begin with, piece together week after week, break down and rebuild, abandon or expand upon– are all a process in a grand creation. Lots of things are processes. There is significant data in the patterns that carry you through the days, and the failings and what you consider to be success. There is lots of power in you disguised as different things. Life helps you weed them out, being a occultic/esoteric/spiritual/witchy practitioner… pursuing healing/knowledge/happiness/community can bring an interesting focus to your being. Take that and use that how you will, and it will accompany you and maybe even guide you to the more that you are, and the more that surrounds you.

– Flae

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