Concept: It may come in handy to write a record of how blessed you are, more than you currently do. Write it or speak it or feel it. Notice the pieces around you that have to be in the place that they are for things to be running… Smoothly. Perceptive-ly well. If nothing? Think of the position of the earth and the sun. The proximity of your soul to your body to be. The self awareness, the ability to read or listen and understand. Think.. of the wonderful humans who are fighting for what you are struggling with. Who are in pursuit of making it better, who are finding ways to do so, haphazardly, developing the safety and representative upliftment required to really shift the tides. Think of the shifted tides. Pull back. Think of the trees, oxygenating the planet. Pull back. Think of the function of your heart, pumping bleeding for you. Think of the Magick available to you. Think of the dreams and ideas and artistry that you love and enjoy and that stirrs you. Think of the many things working for you, with you, beyond you, things you appreciate, things you barely register on a daily. Things that work for everyone in a variety of ways. May serve you exceedingly well to take note of that.


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