You can also try to exorcise them from your home by strongly addressing the entity and telling them they are not welcome here, and to leave your home immediately. It is your calmness, intent, and energy that allows this technique to work forcing the entity from your house through sheer willpower. You should also bring a friend to help back you up, because facing negative entities by yourself can get a bit tricky, so bring a friend if you can. You also might want to ask your deity to help you out if you have one. You also could try reading out loud chants, passages, prayers, or mantras that have to do with exorcism, or are holy in some form of way all throughout your house. it would also be a good idea to call up on any of your Spirit guides, Spirit companions, guardians, and/or angels to help back you up.


For banishing I would highly recommend the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram(LBRP), or the Gnostic banishing ritual. Both these rituals are very powerful ,and can help you send back an entity. You can also draw the banishing the earth pentagram in the air toward the negativity to banish it.


You can also try making some sigils, or finding some sigils online that can help you in your endeavors. All you would have to do is charge them with energy, and activate them in order to get protection from what is plaguing you. Sigils are very powerful tools that can even be used to help you in your everyday warding after you are done with this ordeal.


Try to bring in alot of different herbs. You can use pretty much anything that has a correspondence to exorcism, banishment, cleanse, and protection. This would be such things as rosemary, sage, black pepper, cloves, clover, dragon’s blood, thyme, coffee, basil, and many other types of herb’s that I’m probably forgetting. You can use these herbs in any way to help you reclaim your space such as grinding them up, and sprinkling them all around the area, burning them, and allowing the smoke to go throughout the space, infusing it into water, and dispersing it .


You can also get some form of crystals to also help you my friend. You can use these by leaving them around your area, or in places where you feel the negativity the strongest. You could also use these crystals in order to make crystal grids. Types of crystals you should probably use would also be ones for exorcism, banishing, cleansing, and protection. These would be such crystals as obsidian, shungite, jet, black tourmaline, black onyx, bloodstone, Jade, salt, along with many other stones, and minerals. Usually any stone that is black is a very good bet for what you are trying to do.


After an entity has been sent away you need to cleanse the area of all the negative energy that they left behind. You can do this in many various different ways some I would recommend is clapping all around your house with intent, burning different herbs, and allow the smoke to cleanse your house, cleanse energetically by envisioning white light traveling around your space destroying the negativity room-to-room, or even physically cleaning up your space can spiritually cleanse your space of the energies that were there before. The objective here is to make sure that you get rid of all the energies that is left over from any negative entities, so you can clean up any loose ends with the ordeal.

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