The first thing you should do is check to make sure that you believe this person is even worth cursing, and that you will feel perfectly fine with the worst that could happen. If you hesitate at those questions then you are not ready to curse them, and you should probably rethink about doing the curse in the first place.

If you are going to draw your blade, and engage in an altercation, remember that somebody is going to get cut, whether that be you, or them.

Make sure that you protect from, cleanse, and banish any negative energies that may try to affect you. Remember that this practice releases a lot of those energies, and it would not be recommended to stand in the way of your own negativity.

For the outside of the poppit you should choose a color such as black, or red, this will help bring forth energy is that you need to enact your curse. Red would bring a little bit more aggressive energy to the mix, which is something you might need in a revenge curse.

Pepper has aggressive energy that can be used in cursing, and would be perfect to put inside your puppet.

It could also be beneficial to put inside razors, nails, needles, and anything else you can find that is sharp, but be careful we don’t want you getting cut.

Taglocks that you could include would be things from the law, and sub-law of Association, and the law of names.

From the law of Association you could add something that you associate with them such as their favorite color, or representation of their favorite animal, or something else like that my friend. the idea here is that it is associated with them regardless of if they are directly, or of imposed.

From the law of similarity you could use a picture of the target, and put it inside the puppet with all of your ingredients.

From the law of contagion to you would need something that belongs to them such as hair, dandruff, dirt from their yard, or something that they’ve come in contact with, or own. All you would have to do is put it inside your poppit. (This does not mean steal, that equals jail time.)

From the law of names you could simply write their name on a piece of paper and put it in the poppit. Simple, easy, to the point.

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