Try to compress your energy, so that your energy can become more tangible, and it’s vibration can lower into more of the physical world. This will allow you to use your energy for more kinesis, psionic, and energetic abilities allowing you to advance your energetic arsenal.

You could try going for some form of energy healing, by learning how to put your energy into other entities in order to heal their energy flow, and by extension their mind, and body. This would be incredibly useful because you would never know when you would need to energetically heal something.

You could try to study some form of energetic combat which could be done by learning such things as learning to strike certain energy centers, while pushing energy into them in order for your opponent to be energetically and physically crippled during an altercation. You could also go to learn other forms of this techniques that would allow you to do this at more of a range, such as the no touch knockout.

Another thing that you could do is try to program your energy, so that you can work different intentions, and desires into certain groups of energy. By programming your energy you will be able to manipulate how these energies interact with the world around them, allowing you to do some pretty practical, and Innovative things.

Remember to keep working on energy manipulation, so that you can strengthen your energy flow. It is like a muscle, and must be strengthened in order to get better at it.

You might want to take up more energetic forms of practice such as Tai Chi, Reiki, yoga, Qi gong, Kuji-in, Kuji-kiri, or any form of energetic martial arts.

It is also important spend some time figuring out how energy works exactly, and how it flows through your body. You can do this through any form of energetic system energy system, because they are all very much connected.

Make sure that you are energizing your energy centers, so that you have energy to draw a upon, when you are doing your energy manipulation. We would not want you to get energetically burned out.

Learn everything you can about all forms of energy. understanding such energies as the elements, and systems of understanding such as wu xing, and yin, and yang can greatly increase your understanding, allowing you to greatly increase your abilities.

Increase your understanding allowing you to greatly increase your abilities.

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